Rakks Wall-mounted Shelving

Wall-mounted Shelving

Our original design: timeless


  • Signature look: the original.
  • Infinitely adjustable.
  • Minimal, low-profile
  • Choice of materials and finishes.

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Material & finish


  • We offer custom powder-coated and anodized finishes in nearly any color.

Shelves Material:


Wall Standards

Rakks Wall Standards feature a clean, modern look, with a continuous channel and recessed screws. No obtrusive slots or visible screw heads. Available in lengths up to 12'.


Most popular, minimal profile.


Decorative profile.


Ideal for recessed applications.


Joins shelf sections, minimal profile.


Decorative profile, heavy duty function.

Compatible Rakks Brackets:

Rakks Bookshelf

Rakks bookshelves, though lightweight, exceed the strength and stiffness of ¾” plywood. They feature a subtly textured surface and sleek lines.

Rakks Label holder

Additional Accessories:

  • Universal Wire Bookend

    8″ wire bookend suitable easily installs into standards or poles at any point.

  • Rakks Style Bookend

    Alternate with shelf support brackets in standards and poles for a classic look. Choose one size smaller than the shelf depth.

  • J-Hangbar

    This stylish hangbar is designed for demanding retail and closet applications.

  • Shelf Lip

    Protects walls and helps keep items in place in areas prone to earthquakes.

  • Waterfall

    Used for merchandising and display, can be made to any specified length, angle and pin configuration.

Design resources

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Wall-mounted Shelving in use

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