Rothman Residence Lighted Pantry

Nashville, TN

Written by
Connor Pinson, Rakks Engineer


Brian Rothman has a passion for cooking. As a culinary hobbyist from Nashville, TN, his ingredients are important to him. However, he wasn’t happy with his pantry. The small, irregularly-shaped cubby storage was cluttered, and its poor lighting and obstructive walls made it difficult for Brian to use. He came to Rakks after approaching other shelving manufacturers—they were unable to provide a design that considered his space (and didn’t just try to fit it to their systems).  

Brian’s storage requirements were deep shelves for larger items, small shelves for spices, and lighting that illuminated each shelf. Additionally, he wanted the shelves to fit seamlessly without wasting space.

To Brian’s relief, closed storage is something we do very well here at Rakks. All Rakks components are sized and made to order, which makes it possible to utilize every inch of available space.  

We designed two wall systems with a variety of shelf depths that meet in the corner. Custom shelf lengths eliminated the gaps created by the varied shelf depths (Fig. 1). We also recommended LED light strips in the easily-accessible aluminum shelf channels near the back of each shelf. 

The installation came off without a hitch. Brian says: “The first thing I do when I have company over is show them my new pantry. It’s exactly what I wanted and is making my life so much easier.”

Pantry before renovation
Pantry with Rakks shelving