Stock Shelving Parts

Stock shelving components for when you want to add to your existing Rakks system.
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Shipping and delivery is in some cases taking longer than usual due to COVID-19. We expect most orders to be shipped within 3–5 days. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions about your order.

Aluminum shelves

Rakks Bookshelves feature a subtly textured surface and sleek lines. Surprisingly lightweight, they exceed the strength and stiffness of ¾” plywood.

Wall standards

Rakks Wall Standards feature a clean, modern look. No obtrusive slots or visible screw heads. Available in lengths up to 12′.

Shelf brackets

Rakks Brackets are used for lightweight to heavy-duty applications­—and they look beautiful in all of them.

Other Accessories

Rakks Accessories offer the finishing touches—and add functionality—to your Rakks system.