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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have local distributors or sales representative in my area?

In most markets we sell direct (not through distributors or dealers). To get pricing or place orders, you can call us M-F during normal business hours (9 – 5:30 EST) or send us an email at You can also get prices and place orders for our most popular products in the Rakks on-line store.

I like your shelving products but I am confused. What parts should I order?

We have a highly trained staff that can help you design and configure your shelving, display or closet system. In order to help you, we ask that you provide us with basic information about your project:

The type/weight of items you will be putting on your shelves, the width and height of your space. The number and depth of shelves and the type of shelf you want to use (aluminum, glass, wood). Do you want a wall mounted system (screwed to the wall) or pole supported? Your contact information – including ship-to address. Unusual requirements (eg slanted ceiling, large windows, uneven walls).

It is particularly helpful if you can browse our online portfolio and identify photos that you like or that can serve as a starting point for your design. A rough sketch of what you want is also very helpful. Once we have this information, we will prepare and send you a detailed quote including estimated shipping costs.

What type of shelves and cabinets do you sell?

We stock and sell extruded aluminum shelves. We also sell glass and wood shelves to the greater Boston metropolitan area on a custom made-to-order basis. We have a $300 minimum order for custom shelves. We do not supply cabinets, but you can attach almost any cabinet to our poles. Our customers use all sorts of cabinets ranging for RTA Ikea cabinets to custom fabricated. Installation instructions that show how to install cabinets to Rakks poles can be viewed by clicking here.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Rakks products are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Needham, Massachusetts (02494). Most orders ship within 2-3 business days by UPS ground. UPS time in transit information can be found by clicking here.

What is your return policy?

If you wish to return products for any reason, please contact us for authorization. We do not accept unauthorized returns. It is your responsibility to carefully package and ship your return back to us. Products received back in saleable condition will be credited less a 20% restocking fee. Customers wishing to return product after 6 months will receive a merchandise credit only. We do not accept returns of any custom cut-to-length products.

Can I Purchase Rakks on “open” account?

We sell on open account to customers that order from us on a regular basis and/or place orders in excess of $20,000. New customers must provide payment prior to shipment. When ordering custom products, a deposit may be required. Rangine Corporation accepts all major credit cards and company checks.

What is an access slot?

Access slots are small openings cut into the face of a standard or pole support (typically 2” from the bottom) that allow a shelf bracket to be inserted or removed from the front. Access slots are often required in recessed applications or when the ends of the standard / pole are not accessible. In some applications, multiple access slots should be specified to make it easier to add or remove shelves. Click here for more information regarding access slots.

What Is a retaining pin?

Retaining pins are steel pins that are inserted into the front of Rakks (rectangular) Brackets. They are designed to provide an extra measure of security, keeping wood or aluminum shelves from shifting on their brackets. When used with wood shelves, you will need to drill 1/4” holes into the bottom of the shelf to fit over the pins. When supporting long shelves across several brackets, only the outside brackets require retaining pins.

What is a stick-on shelf rest?

These transparent polyurethane pads cushion glass or wood shelves and keep them from sliding on
the shelf brackets.

How much weight can my shelves hold?

Weight capacities of our shelf brackets vary depending on the type of bracket you choose and the depth of the shelf. Weight capacities are listed in the Rakks Specification Guide and in the specification sections of the Rakks website. Weight capacities are listed based on a static load evenly distributed front to back and do NOT include the weight of the shelf. Because of the cantilever design of most brackets, deeper shelves can support less weight. A 4-foot shelf supported with 3 brackets will hold 50% more weight than a shelf supported with 2 brackets. For heavy duty applications, Q standards increase the capacity of Rakks Style brackets by 25%.

Shelf stiffness/construction is a critical factor in determining how much weight your shelves can hold.
A shelf that is not properly supported may bow or break under load. This is especially important when using glass shelves. Please contact rakks customer service if you need help with your design at or 1-800-826-6006.

Can I use Rakks brackets with any of the poles or standards?

Rakks shelving hardware has been designed and engineered to achieve a very high level of compatibility. The most notable exceptions are listed below here:

Wall mounted Q standards only work with Rakks Style shelf supports. PC4 poles will not work with Aria Brackets L-brackets will work with PC2 and PL poles but can be custom fabricated to work with all pole profiles.

What is the difference between L-Brackets and your other Pole supported
shelving systems?

Most Rakks pole configurations support the shelves from brackets that cantilever off of the back of the pole or in some cases from the front to the pole. In the typical configuration, the poles are in front of the shelves with the shelves running between the pole and the wall. With the L-bracket system, the shelves are supported at each end. Some of the reasons to consider an L-bracket system are as follows:

Each shelf is supported by two brackets that can be independently adjusted. L-brackets are particularly well suited for retail display and closet systems where maximum flexibility is required. Different depth shelves can be used in the same bay (with offset notched L-brackets) Since the shelf supports are not cantilevered, deep shelves can still hold a lot of weight. Poles centered at each shelf end can serve as bookends.

Please contact Rakks customer service if you need with your design at or 1-800-826-6006.

What’s the difference between “Surface Mount” and “Flush Mount”
counter support?

A Surface Mounted counter support is attached to an existing wall by screwing the vertical leg to the wall. A “Flush Mount” or “In Wall” bracket is attached to the SIDE of the stud before the drywall has been installed. After the drywall has been installed, the vertical leg of the bracket is hidden from view.

Can I support a 36” deep counter on Rakks Counter brackets?

Rakks can manufacture custom sized EH series brackets to accommodate 36″ deep counters, but we do NOT recommend it. Our counter supports are not stiff enough to properly support counters deeper than 30 inches. If you need to support a 36” deep counter please consider our pole supported counter bracket specifically designed for this purpose.

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