Rakks Floating Shelves

Rakks New Fixed Floating Shelves Feature
Clean Lines and Maximum Strength

This attractive, low profile, aluminum shelf screws directly to the wall and can hold up to 25 pounds per linear foot. Extending 8-1/2” from the wall, our floating shelves provide plenty of storage space.

Stocked in clear anodized aluminum shelves can be ordered in lengths up to 8’ 2”. Shelves are drilled and counter-sunk at the factory and include mounting hardware. Custom finishes are available. Mounting-hole locations can be specified to line up with the studs, allowing precise placement of the shelves along the wall.

NOTE: Rakks Floating Aluminum shelves MUST be installed into studs or blocking; Wall anchors CAN NOT be used.

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Floating Shelves Installation Diagram

Specifying Fixed Floating Aluminum Shelves

Shelves must be screwed into studs or blocking. Wall anchors CAN NOT be used. When properly installed (with all screws fully engaged), shelves can support static loads of up to 25 pounds per linear foot.

Rakks Floating Shelves come with pre-drilled and counter-sunk mounting holes. Holes are drilled at 16” centers. #10 x 2” Philips flat-head screws are included. Custom lengths and hole locations can be specified to allow the precise positioning of the shelves along the wall. Shelves can be ordered in lengths up to 98”. Alignment pins can be used to join multiple shelf sections end-to-end to
create even longer runs.

Shelves are stocked in clear anodized aluminum finish. Custom anodized and
powder-coated finishes are available.

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1. Using the drilling guide provided, pre-drill holes or hand hold the shelf against the wall and at desired height drill 5/32” pilot holes angled up into the wall. Make sure shelves are level and holes are drilled at a 34 degree angle.

2. Install #10 screws (provided) into wall making sure all screws are fully engaged and securely tightened.

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