Eclipse Counter Bracket

Product Spotlight! Eclipse Counter Bracket

This attractive bracket addition to the Rakks counter bracket family is functional, stylish, easy to install and supports up to 250lbs per pair. With its low profile design and no visible hardware, this counter bracket is ideal for residential and hospitality applications and is a functional alternative to a traditional wooden corbel.

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Rakks EHV Vanity SupportsProduct Spotlight! RAKKS EHV VANITY SUPPORTS

Rakks aluminum Vanity brackets simplify and reduce the cost of installing sinks and provide a stable and sturdy mounting surface for custom-built enclosures. Vanity brackets are supplied with wooden strips on the front faces to provide for the convenient mounting, or removal, of laminated or solid surface panels. Stocked in a standard size of 18 x 21-1/2”. They are also offered on a custom make-to-order basis.

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Counter Support Brackets Features

Rakks Counter Support Brackets provide a practical, low-cost and easy to install alternative to full-height laminated panel supports for counter mounting and counter installation. They support counters up to 30″ deep while providing open space under the entire length–improving both handicap accessibility and ergonomics. Counter Support Brackets are available in either surface or flush-mounted configurations.

Rakks Sill Supports provide low-profile support or bracing for shelves or sills.

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Used to support counters up to 13” deep or incorporated into casework to provide structural bracing. Brackets can be easily cut down in the field to accommodate shorter counters.



Used to support counters up to 18” deep or incorporated into casework to provide structural bracing.



For counter up to 25” deep, brackets should be screwed into blocking or studs at a maximum spacing of 48”. 2” wide mounting surface provides extra support where counter sections join.



Used to support up to 30” deep counters. These lightweight and easy-to-ship brackets are manufactured from 2” x 3” “T” to provide maximum stiffness. When the 24” leg is against the wall, this bracket can also be used to support 24″ deep counters.



Used to support counter tops from 13″ to 30″ deep in applications requiring a nearly invisible support. Any EH bracket can be ordered in the Inside Wall configuration. Inside Wall brackets use a 2” x 2” x 1/4” L-shaped vertical leg that is screwed to the side of the stud. After installation of the bracket, drywall is mounted to the studs, hiding the vertical support leg.

Rakks Flush Mount


Rakks Eclipse Brackets can support counters or shelves up to 18” deep. This attractive low-profile design is easy to install with no visible hardware. Machined aluminum ends provide a smooth and near-seamless termination. Stocked in clear and black anodized finishes, Eclipse Brackets can support loads up to 250 pounds per pair.

eclipse bracket


These made-to-order brackets support sinks and provide a stable mounting surface for custom-built enclosures. Wooden strips on the front faces of the bracket provide a convenient mounting surface for laminated or solid surface panels.



Used to install counters and work surfaces up to 36″ deep. The support leg provides the increased strength and stiffness for deep cantilevered surfaces. The support attaches securely to the counter bracket and may be ordered in any specified length. Optional shelf brackets can be installed behind the poles to maximize the use of otherwise wasted space.
EH Pole Support


Used for benches incorporating 5” wooden planking. The supporting arm is pre-drilled with 12 holes to provide secure installation. Wall-mounted design keeps floor unobstructed and easy to clean. Manufactured from 2” x 3” “T” to provide maximum stiffness.

bench mount


Manufactured from structural aluminum angle, these brackets can be used anywhere low profile support or bracing is required.

sill support


Rakks 2” x 2” x 1/8” aluminum angle cleat stock is available in lengths and finishes to compliment our EH series counter support brackets. One leg is pre-drilled with 5/16” diameter holes to mount to the wall.

cleat stock

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