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Connor Pinson, Rakks Engineer


Rakks recently assisted SPENGA—a chain of spin, strength, and yoga fitness studios that are growing rapidly across the Midwest—to face the challenge of outfitting their new locations, while presenting a consistent aesthetic.

  • Market Health & Fitness
  • Location Various Locations, United States

Co-founder and instructor at SPENGA, Amy Nielson, made the decision to introduce a merchandise section to new locations, as well as augmenting some of their existing franchises. The retail displays would be part of the lobby for the studio, and therefore couldn’t look cluttered or overbearing. She needed a clean retail display with several hanging options as well as shelves, so she came to Rakks for help.

Amy provided general dimensions and an idea for the display, and we got to work designing a system that would fit snugly in the space provided. We had to carefully consider site conditions, and perfectly size the system to mount across the front windows as well as work around an obstruction on the wall. This enabled us to maximize use of the space while incorporating the requested elements: 12″ deep aluminum shelves, hangbar runs, and waterfall brackets for hanging lanyards off the left side of the system.

Amy was very pleased with this system and wanted to preserve the design choices we made, while adapting the design to other locations.  We worked together to establish typical system design along with a set of parameters Amy could call out to rapidly specify future systems.  Using this method, we were able to fulfill orders for new custom systems with minimal turnaround and design time.  

Of course, some sites still presented design challenges that required further coordination. For example, the Houston SPENGA branch had a tricky location that involved a wall set-back as well as window mullion dimensions that didn’t quite lend themselves to a typical Rakks SPENGA system. We had SPENGA provide some additional site dimensions, and from there were able to fabricate a custom mounting strip to span the window mullion and match existing finish.

Rakks BL Pole Shelving
BL Pole Shelving
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SPENGA lobbies across the country now proudly display their merchandise on Rakks pole systems.