Slade Architecture Features Rakks in Multiple Design Projects

by Rakks | September 6th, 2011

As a dominant force in today’s architectural landscape, Slade Architecture, founded in 2002, has over 200 awards and achievements to its name. In 2011 so far, Slade was named the winner of the Adaptive Reuse category at the Building Brooklyn Award and won 2nd place at the Electrolux Icon: Tomorrow’s Modern Kitchen Design Competition.

Slade’s classic approach to architecture mirrors Rakks’ simplicity and elegance, just one reason Rakks products have been ideal for multiple projects. Much like Rakks, their designs are functional yet innovative.

Featured in the Kenig residence, Rakks shelving not only served an organizational purpose in the unique closet but enhanced the sleek feel of master bedroom. Rakks infinite adjustability, wall mounted standards and variety of available shelf depths created a customized shelving system to meet the owner’s storage needs.

Kenig Residence with Rakks Shelving
Photo via Slade Architecture

Also chosen for an office project for the Aperture Foundation in Chelsea, Rakks shelving additions to desk units provide effective storage and organization while keeping the space simple and elegant, reflecting the minimalistic feel of the entire office.

Commerical Shelving Project with Rakks
Photo via Slade Architecture

Slade’s founders James and Hayes like Rakks products so much, they have even recently completed a project in their own home used Rakks!

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