Metropolis Magazine: A New Office Evolved

by Rakks | July 15th, 2016

Entrance to the new Metropolis Magazine office

Metropolis Magazine’s New Office Entrance

Metropolis Magazine creates editorial content that reflects a passion for architecture, an eye for design, and a taste for culture.

After two decades at its office in the Flatiron District of New York City, Metropolis Magazine sought an external change to complement its internal restructuring. “[A thorough reworking of the magazine and a thoughtful reconsideration of the team’s approach to work] forced us to articulate a new Metropolis,” editorial and brand director Paul Makovsky says.

Welcome to the New Metropolis Magazine Office

Metropolis Magazine new open office layout with Rakks Pole Supports

The new open office layout

This change was not simply an office relocation; it was a profound workplace evolution. Redefining the new Metropolis was going to take a commitment to internal as well as external brand reinvention.

Architectural design was imperative. Metropolis had a concept in mind for its office and then turned to the magazine’s network of architects and designers to make it a reality. Architect Tom Krizmanic and his firm, Studios Architecture, were a top contender and got the job.

Metropolis Magazine open collaborative space with Rakks Pole Supports

An open collaborative space

Krizmanic envisioned an open space ideal for collaboration. The new office layout highlights a large display wall that showcases the current issue of the magazine in development.

At Metropolis’ Flatiron office, this wall was an afterthought squeezed into a narrow hallway. “You didn’t have room to actually see the issue in its entirety,” associate editor and web strategist Samuel Medina says. The new wall creates greater communication and visual reference amongst the entire office, instead of just between a few of the departments.

Books on Rakks Pole-Mounted Shelving System at Metropolis Magazine

Books on Rakks Pole-Mounted Shelving System

A defining point for the new Metropolis space is transparency. We are very pleased that Rakks plays a supporting role in the desire to achieve the goal. Over time, the Metropolis team has amassed a significant collection of books devoted to architecture and design. To display the collection alongside old and new magazines was a top priority of the team. Rakks Pole-Mounted Shelving System was an ideal choice for the job primarily because it can be continually reconfigured to accommodate the growing collection.

Metropolis Magazine displayed on Rakks Slanted L-Bracket System

Magazines on Rakks Slanted L-Bracket System

Rakks Systems In Use

Rakks Aluminum Shelves and L-Bracket System provide support for the substantial weight of the books and magazines while maintaining the clean aesthetic of the space. Rakks Slanted L-Brackets with hidden mounting hardware, accommodate the display of recent issues of the magazine at an angle for easy accessibility.

Rakks modular systems provide the flexibility and support needed for architects like Tom Krizmanic to further the concept of an evolving workplace.

In addition to Rakks, Metropolis Magazine recognizes many other products integral to the evolution of their new office. Read the full article here.


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