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Extruded aluminum shelves are designed to be compatible with Rakks Style shelf brackets and retaining pins. The front stiffener leg of the shelf lines up behind the retaining pin in all shelf depth configurations. When using aluminum shelves with wall mounted standards and brackets, retaining
pins should always be specified to keep the shelves from separating or sliding forward.

retaining pin


This Rakks Style bracket allows aluminum shelves to be used for literature and other product display in a slanted configuration. Two-inch hangbar/stiffener secured in the notched brackets, retains the shelf and creates an attractive lip. Available in any angle and all shelf depths.

shelf lip bracket


Used to align extruded aluminum shelf sections to create a continuous shelf in excess of 12′. Extruded aluminum spline fits securely into shelf bottom joining sections, keeping them in alignment. Note: Shelves must always join at a bracket. Finish: Clear anodized aluminum.

shelf spline


Used to attach Rakks extruded aluminum shelves to a Rakks Style shelf support bracket so that they cannot be easily removed. Hold down clips should also be used when the end of the shelf does not extend very much beyond the bracket and might slide off. The hold down clip is secured to the shelf with a setscrew from the bottom and secured to the bracket with a setscrew from the side. When using shelf hold down clips, it is not necessary to order retaining pins. Finish: Clear anodized aluminum.

shelf hold-down clip


A decorative aluminum cap that fits securely to the end of Rakks extruded aluminum shelves. Provides an alternative look and protects the shelf ends in high traffic areas. Available for all shelf depths up to 18” in clear anodized aluminum only.

shelf ends


Attaches to the front edge of SA-06 and SA-04 aluminum shelves
using a hidden thumbscrew. Holds 1/2″ tall labels. Lengths as specified. Model SA-LBL.

label holder


These adjustable bookends integrate into the base of the aluminum shelves and can be secured at any point along the shelf with a thumbscrew. Use with surface mounted standards or with pole applications having clearance at the back of the shelf. Sliding bookends are available in one size, 8-1/2″.

sliding bookend

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