L-Bracket shelving system Features

Offering a dramatic new look in pole-mounted shelving, the Rakks L-Bracket system, US Patent #7,506,852, provides unparalleled design flexibility, strength and value. Available in floor to ceiling and wall-supported configurations, this new design features quick and infinite shelf adjustment utilizing one hidden screw. L-brackets support wood, glass or aluminum shelves up to 24” deep. Cabinets can be easily attached to the poles to create attractive wall storage units and room partitions. The L-Bracket system is stocked in clear anodized, black anodized and white powder-coat finishes.


Used for creating shelving units with or without a supporting wall. Adjustable threaded mounts allow pole to be installed under compression between floor and ceiling. Threaded side channels accept 1⁄4” –20 screws to mount L-Brackets or cabinets. C channels accept all other Rakks brackets and pole accessories.



L-Brackets, US Patent #7,506,852, attach to PC2 poles with one 1⁄4” –20 screw. When used with 3⁄4” thick shelves the mounting hardware is hidden. Available for shelves from 8” to 24” deep in 2” increments. Wood shelves can be screwed to the brackets using pre-drilled and counter-sunk holes. Model BL-XX (XX denotes shelf depth in inches).



L-Brackets can be ordered with retaining pins on each end to accommodate Rakks extruded aluminum shelves.

retaining pin


Mitered tie poles can be used in applications where floor to ceiling installation is not practical or desired. Pole-to-pole and pole-to-wall connections are made using anchor brackets secured with set screws. Tie-Pole kits are sized to accommodate all L-Bracket sizes. Model MT-PC2-XX (XX denotes shelf depth in inches).

mitered tie pole


Adjustable mounts install into threaded inserts at the top and bottom of PC2 poles. These non-marking mounts adjust to provide floor-to-ceiling compression. Top mounts have two holes to facilitate additional anchoring into ceiling. Note: poles should be cut 3” shorter than the finished floor-to-ceiling height.

threaded mount

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