Young International Architect Talks about Rakks

by Rakks | August 14th, 2014

Interview with Aashman Goghari, Rhode Island School of Design

What is your education background and what was it that drew you to architecture?

Architecture allows for artistic expression within the confines of scientific rationality and this is what initially drew me to the profession and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I came from a science heavy background with an informal interest in design. In the end, it was either industrial design or architecture for me, since they both seemed like a logical combination of the science and art. I finally picked architecture since it is hailed as somewhat of a ‘mother art’ – it teaches holistic sensibilities that apply to all forms of design at multiple scales.

Please share a little bit about the architecture course at Rhode Island School of Design and your experience with it.

RISD’s architecture program is quite something. Each professor has a nuanced and unique understanding of the profession, thus providing a wealth of possible interpretations of the role of architecture in our lives, and specifically in the 21st century. Sometimes I wish there was less of a disparity between architectural education and the practice of architecture, but that’s what internships are for and this summer I had the opportunity to intern with Studio Luz architects, which was an incredible real life experience.

In your opinion, would Rakks work on a global scale?
Why or why not.

Yes. The Rakks modular shelving system exhibits timeless design that works globally. The system speaks a language of contemporary sophistication that has architectural appeal and limitless options regardless of geographic or cultural boundaries.

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