When You Move,
Rakks Moves With You

by Rakks | September 25th, 2013

Rakks Aluminum Shelving

Rakks customers really like the products and often keep them for years. When these customers move, they bring their Rakks shelving systems along with them. Thanks to Rakks versatility, the shelving systems can be transported and modified to accommodate virtually any space.  People love the clean lines, the simplicity and the fact that Rakks fits with any style-from traditional to contemporary.

Walker Saville, a passionate textile designer, has done her share of relocating and always moves her Rakks systems with her. Her story shows that Rakks fits in different spaces and remains functional while reflecting personal taste 

In the 1980s Walker lived in Vermont and exhibited her textile products at shows all around the Northeast, including New York City. She used Rakks spring compression poles to construct a booth at a Textile Design show. But it wasn’t until 2011 when looking at apartments to rent that she saw Rakks in a cool space and decided to order Rakks. Walker reflects, “The present tenant had what looked like 5000lbs of art books on her Rakks shelves. I liked the clean look and decided to get some for myself.”

She set the system up in her apartment and studio with spring compression poles and aluminum shelving. She found an apartment in Great Barrington, MA and installed Rakks to house her art and pottery books. “I moved into an old apartment and wanted to get away from the ‘colonial’ image. The Rakks system fit perfectly and created a great mixture of old and new.”

Spring Compression Poles

She moved again a year later to Greenfield, MA and wanted to bring her Rakks shelving system with her, so she bought pole extensions and more aluminum shelving to accommodate the new ceiling height.   She relocated once more to Easthampton, MA where she currently uses her shelving system in her studio to showcase her fine yarns and textiles.

“I absolutely love the way it looks in a room or the studio,” Walker reflects, “I love the flexibility as I seem to be someone who moves around. It’s really one of my favorite possessions, to tell the truth.”

Walker’s textile business, Walker Saville Made by Hand, offers custom, one-of- a-kind products. If interested in textile services, you can contact her at Walkersaville@gmail.com

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