Rakks Style Spy: Vanity Fair Ranks the Top Architectural Marvels of the Past 30 Years

by Rakks | January 4th, 2011

Vanity Fairs Top Architectural Pick - Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry
In the world of architecture, impressive work is not only eye-catching but also stands the test of time. Today, Rakks Style Spy, with the help of Vanity Fair, salutes some of the most striking architectural creations of the past three decades.

1. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain by Frank Gehry
Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry
Completed in 1997, this 258,335 square foot structure receives as much attention for the artwork inside as it does for its one-of-a-kind facade. Along with the fluid curves of the exterior design, partially limestone-coated sections contrast with others bearing a metallic titanium exterior, all resulting in an unbelievable architectural experience. Once inside, the museum’s atrium boasts equally impressive views with ample natural light and a ceiling over 164 feet high.

2. Menil Collection in Houston, TX by Renzo Piano
Menil Collection in Houston Texas by Renzoo Piano
Photo by Paul Heste
Housing the impressive works of art collectors John and Dominique de Menil, this functional museum achieves a simple elegance without detracting from the nearly 15,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, and rare books found inside. Natural light from the leaf-like roof helps the gallery achieve an atmosphere described as “spiritual and organic…self-effacing and sanctified”.

3. Thermal Baths in Vals, Switzerland by Peter Zumthor
Thermal Baths in Vals Switzerland by Peter Zumthor
Photo by Todd Eberle
This spa complex, found in the remote mountainside village of Vals and completed in 1996, is made primarily from local Valser quartzite and concrete. With the goal of blending into the natural surroundings, the structure is nestled partially underground. Zumthor intricately incorporated slits in the ceiling to draw in sunlight and created simple, inviting interior chambers that help guests better appreciate the incredible relaxation provided by the thermal baths.

For more architectural wonders, visit Vanity Fair.

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