Rakks Brackets Support Stunning Urban Garden Design from mw design group llc

by Rakks | February 27th, 2012

mw design group llc
We recently received a few photos sent in by Rakks customer Mike Waddell and loved Mike’s unique use for our brackets in his urban garden designs so much, we had to feature him as a guest blogger this week! Taking Rakks’ counter and bench support brackets into the great outdoors, read about Mike and his unusual path into the world of design.

From Mike Waddell, Owner of mw design group llc

Although I was a hairstylist for years, I’ve always loved doing my own, and often my friends’, garden designs. One day in 2006 during a client’s highlight process, she asked me “who does your garden?” and then and there, I made the decision to pursue urban garden design seriously. My first big break came when I was able to design a garden for Dwell in the ten part web series “Building Green in Harlem” where I created a garden in a day using discarded building materials from the same site. Today, I design personal sanctuary in the city for clients ranging from Academy Award-winning writer/directors to soccer mom’s looking for a bit of serenity.

I first thought about incorporating Rakks brackets when I was presented with a tough design challenge – a penthouse terrace with 5×25 dimensions, a central column, and four doorways to work around. I had designed a display for Haddonstone at the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC and grabbed some promotional material on Rakks while I was there. I knew they would be perfect for this project and many more in the future.

As an urban garden designer, space is a precious commodity. I design and oversee the production of the custom pieces I design and want them to blend seamlessly with the garden. In small spaces, I design elements that look like they hover, allowing light and air throughout the furnishings. It is also very important the hardware be clean-lined and provides structural integrity. My furnishings are meant to be used and weather the years as the garden grows and evolves, and the Rakks brackets meet all those requirements for me.

Rakks Bench Brackets
Rakks bracket for cantilevered banquette/water element

My designs continue to progress and the business seems to grow day-by-day. Right now I’m actually working on gardens in Murray Hill, the Upper West Side in NYC, and University City, Philadelphia where I’m designing a sexy outdoor lounge with cantilevered L shaped banquette complete with Rakks brackets (see design plan below) and a family-friendly children’s climbing wall – never a dull moment with mw design! You can view a complete design portfolio at www.behance.net/mwdesigngroupllc and follow me on Twitter @gurugardens.

Upcoming Project Design

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