Top 100 Brands: Navigating the Change, Meeting the Needs

by Rakks | October 4th, 2013

Tim Cook, Apple

Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, released its annual Best Global Brands Report and crowned a new king. After 13 years at the top, Coca Cola has been dethroned and Apple now leads the way, with Google as runner up. With an ever-changing landscape and more consumer power present in today’s market place than ever before, leading brands expertly navigate the forces of progress, social change and technological advancement. The shifting terrain means brands must create and develop adaptable products that meet customers’ growing needs.

But it’s not just the Top 100 brands that live by these principles. Similar ideals hold true for small to mid-sized businesses. Although not in the top 100, Rakks commits itself to similar principles through producing high quality shelving systems that adapt to a variety of spaces and needs. As Rakks creates products to meet new demands, such as floating aluminum shelves and counter support brackets, architects continue to choose Rakks for their commitment to excellence in creating shelving systems with a high level of style and functionality.

Rakks Floating Shelf
Rakks Floating Shelf

Rakks Counter Support Brackets
Rakks Counter Support Bracket

According to Interbrand, strong brands improve business performance through an ability to influence customer choice, command a premium price for products and services and create passionate customer loyalty.  The Top 100 brands were determined based on financial performance, influence on customer choice and the strength of the brand relative to competition.

Apple has not just changed the technological landscape; it has changed the way we interact with one another and with our work. In its brand report, Interbrand says, “Few brands have enabled so many people to do so much so easily.” Apple has never lost sight of the consumer-driven marketing approach and constantly creates new apps, devices and opportunities that meet customers’ growing demands.

Apple products

Rakks looks up to these companies that achieve excellence through commitment
to principles of innovation, versatility and meeting customer needs.  Architects
and designers use Rakks shelving systems because they realize Rakks commitment to excellence in design and functionality. With the versatility of its shelving systems and the ability to navigate changes in customers’ needs, Rakks will continue to echo these ideals embodied by top companies including Apple, Google
and Coca-Cola.

Rakks logo


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