Throwback Thursday – Ivy League Projects

by Rakks | September 4th, 2014

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we have decided to reach into our archives to showcase one of our favorite Ivy League school projects. This exhibition of the Evolution of Design was created by the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2011 with the help of Rakks custom counter brackets and stands.

Harvard Graduate School of Design

To celebrate 75 years of design, the Harvard Graduate School of Design created an incredible exhibition consisting of 120 display boxes, chronicling the school’s progress beginning in 1936 and included the progress of the design world at large. “Organized into six thematic categories: Design as Research, Design as Critique, City as Process, City as Form, The Continuous Institution, and The Shifting Institution, each section contained dispatches that spoke to a greater set of themes spanning all of the School’s programs and departments, various media, and all seventy-five of the School’s years. In momentarily stopping the clock, this exhibition enlivened the GSD, and Harvard University at large, with the engagement and propulsion that the past can offer us today and tomorrow” (Peter Christensen (PhD ’14), Curatorial Director).

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Harvard Graduate School of Design worked with Dan Borelli and Douglas Jack of the Exhibit Team under a tight deadline, Rakks was able to supply custom counter brackets and stands to support the exhibit’s display boxes and tables. Cut and welded at custom angles, the Rakks brackets allowed the display boxes to be installed at a variety of angles for both visual impact and easy viewing of the articles and information presented.

At Rakks, we love to see our products used in creative and innovative ways, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design continually strives to embrace creativity and innovation. On September 12th and 13th the GSD is gathering luminaries of the industry for “Grounded Visionaries” – a symposium of innovation. This gathering promises to underscore the GSD’s reputation as the most widely ambitious, experimental and optimistic design schools in the world.

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