The Sea Mirror: Where City and Nature Become One

by Rakks | December 13th, 2013

At Rakks, we appreciate innovative design, especially when it strives to fuse natural and urban environments. One Central Park in Sydney, Australia is continually raising the bar with their impressive art installations and this newest one really caught our eye.

Sea Mirror Sydney

One Central Park is a combination of residential towers and independent fashion and food retailers. Deemed the place where city meets nature, the complex offers a new take on green living with 6,400 square meters of parks and lush gardens that climb the towers to form a canopy. On Monday, the newest addition to this complex was unveiled: a dramatic cantilevered heliostat called Miroir de Mer, or Sea Mirror, which is comprised of 320 individual mirror plates that work in concert to offer a stunning light display. The installation is a permanent addition to Central Park’s $8 million public art collection.

Sea Mirror Installation

Kersale regards his light projects as a form of urban renewal. His installations reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding area, using the night sky as his canvas while not overpowering it.   He describes the narrative of his work: “Sydney’s harbour is mythical for the sailing universe and being a sailor myself, the opportunity to capture the sea in this way and reflect it indirectly on the heliostat, constitutes the grounds for this geo-poetical signal. ”

“A rotating series of images of reflections of the sun on the water will be take shape via lights on the heliostat. The variations will be in relation to the shades and colour tones of Sydney’s harbour. It will not be a live projection but a capture of sea substance and light sparkles on site, which will then be worked on. They can relate to seasons or can be a game of opposites; ie. the light emanating from a summer sun in the middle of winter. ”

“It is important to understand that the installation is an allegory, a symbol of the sea in the city.”

Sea Mirror Australia

Kersale has produced hundreds of projects internationally including the lighting of the Sony Centre in Berlin, the airports of Bangkok and the red pulsations for the skylight of the Lyons Opera House.

To read more about this dazzling installation, visit Contemporist:

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