The Art of Installation: Rakks Wall Mounted Shelves

by Rakks | September 7th, 2012

Wall Shelves Held by Drywall Anchors May Crash to the Floor

Improper Installation

You probably already know about our wall mounted shelving systems; they are strong, customizable and cutting edge (if we do say so ourselves). The shelves always look great but, if the standards are incorrectly secured, you could end up with an installation nightmare!

Don’t Let This Happen to You – Use Rakks Brackets & Standards

Installation Disaster

Obviously in an ideal world studs would be predictably spaced, but we all know that isn’t always the case. When this happens, wall anchors are required to secure the standards to the wall.

Be Careful When Using Wall Anchors for Shelving Systems

If you need to go the wall anchor route, we recommend Toggler Alligator AF-6 anchors. These anchors, sized for #6 screws, are strong, easy to install and work in both hollow and solid walls. Technical information and an installation video can be viewed here.

The Difference:  Rakks Wall Standards Supporting Shelf Brackets

Proper Application

Rakks standards come in six different styles, based upon your space and design ideas. All Rakks Wall Mounted Standards are drilled and counter-sunk to work with #6 Philips flat head screws. In fact, color matched screws are included with every order.

Tips on Optimizing Shelf Load Distribution to Maximize Strength

Another tip to ensure a successful application: Proper Load Distribution.
Remember that Rakks Shelf Support Brackets should be mounted at least 6″ from the top of the standard to better distribute the load. Shelf brackets can, however, be mounted at the very bottom of a standard.

Rakks Wall Mounted Shelving System

Remember, to utilize Rakks wall mounted shelves to their full potential in your designs, it all starts with the standards!

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