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by Rakks | December 21st, 2015

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique - Exterior

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique – Exterior

Marcela Hughes is a Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach and owner of Marcela’s Yoga Boutique Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. The shop is delightfully warm and inviting. Merchandise ranges from yoga-inspired art and essentials to exotic teas that nourish the mind, body and soul. It is not surprising Marcela also believes in the power of Karma.

When Marcela undertook the renovation of her shop, she anticipated challenges due to the age of the building, and it’s location in the historic district of Old Town Alexandria, VA. She consulted the local Small Business Development Center for advice about hiring an architect. They recommended Bridget Gaddis.

Front Room


Bridget is a Licensed Architect and LEED-Certified Professional practicing nationally, and locally in the Washington DC area. Bridget holds professional degrees in both Architecture and Interior Design. The ironic part of the story is the fact that Briget’s office is located directly – yes directly – across the street from the yoga studio. Clearly this collaboration was meant to be.

Merchandise Display

Merchandise Display

The women soon discovered they worked well together. “At the beginning of the process, Marcela had a vision that centered around the lotus flower,” says Bridget. “It is the key visual element of the studio’s logo, and I found it inspiring. I liked the fluid water element inherent in the Lotus environment,so I incorporated curved glass shelves supported by Rakks Style Shelf Support Brackets on D Style Standards as a feature in the shop. Rakks also supplied the custom glass shelves. There is a mystique attached to the idea of yoga, and one way of visually representing the calm is with open space – not so easy in a tiny shop. By merchandising mainly the walls we were able to define site lines that terminate in beautiful merchandise displays and at the same time maintain the “karma” of open space.”

Rakks Brackets and Wall Mounted Standards

Rakks Brackets and D-Style Wall Mounted Standards

The linear quality of Rakks Brackets, PC2, and PD6 pole supported shelving, and Rakks wall mounted standards create a visual rhythm in the space. In addition, to the wall mounted shelves on “D” standards, the dramatic wood shelf – with the shape of the tree still in its profile – is supported by Rakks counter support brackets.

The project took about four months to complete. The structure is old, and the exterior walls are plaster directly on furred out brick. The walls were totally out of plumb, to the extent that the contractor had to build a drywall stand out in front of the existing wall to use the wall mounted Rakks standards. An additional benefit of the Rakks poles is that they do not rely on the walls for their support.

Display Area and Studio Space

Display Area and Studio Space

Thank you to Marcela and Bridget for sharing your story with our readers and Teel Construction for their impeccable installation of Rakks.

Contact information:

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique
317 Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 571-290-5026

Bridget Gaddis, AIA, Leed AP
424 S. Washington St. Ste. 3A
Alexandria, VA 22314
Office Phone: 973-701-8800
Cell: 973-610-0238

Teel Construction
768 Walker Rd.
Great Falls, VA 22066
Phone: (703) 759-4754

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