Takes and Tweets: A Designer’s Perspective on Rakks

by Rakks | November 26th, 2013

Designer Lou Simmons has a keen eye for interesting objects-his Twitter and Flickr accounts are overflowing with impressive object portraits. He is always on the lookout for high-quality, innovative design and last week, Simmons Tweeted pictures of Rakks shelving installations and we followed up with him about his passion for design and his take on Rakks systems.

Tell us about yourself, Lou.

LS: I moved to Boston 2 years ago from my home state of Texas to be with a smart and beautiful California girl. I’m a designer/builder at Guarnotta Design and Build (formerly unKilo) and I work on a variety of projects and am passionate about residential architecture and design. I’m studying for my exams for licensure and am set to be a licensed architect by next year, assuming all goes well.

Lou Simmons Twitter

You have quite the Twitter presence. Do you Tweet shelving systems often?

LS: (laughs) I love taking photos of objects and exploring different forms. I have nearly 3,000 photos on my Flickr account. I displayed some flowers and a record player on my Rakks installation in my apartment and decided to take some photos.

From an architecture and design standpoint, what makes Rakks stand out as Tweet-worthy?

LS: I first saw Rakks when I was in Dallas. The architecture firm Corgan Associates had used it on a project and I appreciated the infinite adjustability and flexibility. The sleek systems easily adapt, fitting nicely into any space. I also appreciate the local aspect too, as Rakks is based out of Needham, MA.

Have you used Rakks in any professional applications?

LS: Yeah, actually. Guarnotta has used Rakks in several projects, the most recent being in a condo renovation on Beacon St.  We used Rakks standards that recessed nicely into the wall. It is currently under construction but I will Tweet those photos at you as soon as it’s finished.

Please do!


Follow Lou on Twitter @plsiii and see Guarnotta’s great work at http://guarnottadesign.com/

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