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by Rakks | October 21st, 2013

In the world of hospitality, a restaurant or bar’s ambiance is tailored down to the finest details. Whether it be a sports bar, an upscale hotel bar or a coffee shop, the display behind the bartender or barista is crucial as it represents the assortment of beverages and reflects the quality of the bar. Rakks shelving systems are the choice of hospitality designers everywhere as the sleek, minimalist shelving systems showcase the products and complement any atmosphere while supporting a vast assortment of beverages.

Rakks Support BarsDesign by Mr. Important Design

Avalon Night Club in Sacramento, CA uses Rakks PC4 threaded compression poles and Rakks style brackets to create a sophisticated yet relaxed bar dynamic. With a gentle blue backlight and decoratively spaced bottles, the shelving systems support the upscale ambiance.

Rakks Support Poles and Panel Framing

The Coffee Studio in Chicago, IL uses Rakks PC4 support poles and panel framing channels to display their coffees and specialty teas. The smooth aluminum blends seamlessly with the coffee equipment and offers a refreshing contrast to the wood finish.

Rakks PC2 Support PolesDesign by A2Studios

The Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar in Santa Rosa, CA uses PC2 support poles mitered with L-brackets to display its wine selection. This configuration offers superior strength, supporting a vast assortment of wine bottles. The custom red finish provides a warm, breathable atmosphere and allows ample space to display the various collections.

Next time you’re in a bar, pay close attention to the shelving they use to display their beverages. You may just see something you recognize.


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