Top Architecture Firms Use "Top Shelf" Products in Their Offices

by Rakks | October 8th, 2010

Rakks Shelving at Stonehill and Taylor Architecture and Planning

As a prominent architecture and design studio in New York City, Stonehill and Taylor Architects set a precedent with their own office demonstrating innovative, sleek design and practical use of space. Using top brands like Herman Miller and Rakks to outfit the studio, Paul Taylor AIA, president, crafted the vision based on the need to accentuate the classic features of the space including floors from the early 20th century and incorporate work areas that allowed team members to interact.

The adaptable nature of the conference room and reception area doors allow for the space to become more open for larger social gatherings or divide the office during regular work hours. Compact work stations from the In Vivo collection by Herman Miller give team members adequate desk space without overcrowding. Rakks shelving featured in both tradition bookshelf configurations as well as slanted shelving gives a modern twist to a conventional product. The specialty slanted shelving serves both a display function as well as a practical application in the ability to house boxes with easy-to-see content access.

Rakks wall-mounted, pole-mounted, and floor-to-ceiling configurations are ideal for an open loft space like Stonehill and Taylor’s Design Studio. With the multitude of mounting configuration possibilities, the shelving units also serve as room dividers and partitions to create private work areas. The customizable finishes and color options for the units complement the neutral walls. With a pool table to help team members relax and get inspired, it is easy to see why top creative architects choose Rakks diverse line of products to enhance their very own work spaces.

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