Shelving From Boston Lighting Designer and Fabricator’s Dynamic Loft Space

by Rakks | April 17th, 2014

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had an obsession with things that light up from an early age. Nicotera used Rakks Shelving to create one of the main lighting displays in his own living space. Even he admits it would be tough to guess just how many lights he used to create the look he wanted while renovating his loft.

“Lighting is important to me because it really effects the way I feel when I’m around it.“ – Lighting designer/fabricator Joey Nicotera

Loft lounge design/photograph courtesy of Joey Nicotera

This was an old candy bar factory (former home of Charleston Chew). They moved, and the hefty steel building with post and beam construction was renovated into residential lofts. This old industrial space allowed for a large, open area (825 sq. ft. with 11’ ceilings). Nicotera’s only limit was his imagination. This was the perfect blank canvas to create the look he wanted.

Highlighting the main entertainment portion of the loft, Nicotera built a computer-controlled LED light wall that lights up and changes color. Rakks Wall Mounted C-Standards with Rakks Brackets were then attached to the light wall, supporting seven tiers of glass shelving spans. HGTV featured Nicotera’s space on their “Look What I Did – Color Kinetics” episode, featured below.

“The thing [lounge] is half Vegas cocktail lounge, half space-aged bachelor pad…I’ve played the piano since I was five, now I have somewhere I can go and pretend that it’s a cocktail lounge.”

“Look What I Did – Color Kinetics” by HGTV featuring Joey Nicotera

The light wall is a grid comprised of some basic wood and plexiglass, with about 20 light fixtures tucked in that are all tied together. The light wall was constructed with pine cut to size, making 20”x17” squares. Then Nicotera routed the pine to accept the plexiglass paneling you see in the front and then drilled the hole through it to accept the wire that connects all the square fixtures together.

“Everything was laid out on the floor and was attached to the wall with standard wood screws. I can create random [lighting] effects, different colors and different speeds.”

Photograph by Josh Reynolds, AP

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