Style Spy: Mezmorizing Shape-Shifting Bridge Wins ArchDaily Competition

by Rakks | July 21st, 2011

DSSH BridgeSanzapont [Arquittectura] was recently awarded the 1st place prize for their bridge design in the Building to Building Pedestrian Bridge International Challenge sponsored by HP and media partner ArchDaily. The DSSH (Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix) Bridge is a flexible Helix-shaped bridge that is dynamic, sustainable and features the use of LED technology.
DSSH Brdige Interior
As a flexible structure, when people walk across various touch points on the bridge, tension is applied causing the exterior of the structure to actually change its shape. The bridge contains photovoltaic solar panels that help create clean energy as well as green plants that take the air from outside the bridge and turn it into purified fresh air that circulates throughout the interior of the structure.

The use of LED technology provides the bridge with vibrant colors at night that continually change, making this one of the most unique bridges in the world. The structure plans to connect two skyscrapers in Montreal, Canada.

Photos and Video via ArchDaily

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