Success Is Inevitable When You Have “Retail” In Your Blood

by Rakks | June 22nd, 2016

Dor L'dor New York Retail Space

Dor L’dor Retail Space

Joseph “Joe” DeJamal founder of Dor L’Dor followed his dream. Growing up in New York, he spent his early years “learning the ropes” of the children’s apparel business from his father.

Along the way, Joe developed a good business sense and an eye for style. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit so it was inevitable he would someday have a fashion retail business of his own. In 2004, he founded Dor L’Dor – a mecca for “the woman who breathes style.”

Women in New York wearing Dor L'dor dresses

Women in New York wearing Dor L’dor dresses

The name of the shop says a lot. The English translation of Dor L’Dor from the Hebrew is “generation to generation” signifying the passing of traditions from one generation to another. In this case, retail is a family tradition, and the success of the business speaks for itself.

Over the last 12 years, the company has grown from a single boutique to an emerging brand with stores throughout New York and New Jersey with the newest location coming soon to Westfield, NJ.

Rakks D-Style Standards and Rakks Notched Hangbars with J Hangbar

Rakks D-Style Standards and Rakks Notched Hangbars with J Hangbar

“Our buyers travel the world to find unique styles and accessories for women who love fashion.” says Joe, “I’ve always wanted to bring family, friends, and most importantly fashion together!”

Rakks entered the picture when Joe was looking for a turn-key location in Englewood, NJ. The previous tenant had Rakks shelving. “I loved it the minute I saw it,” says Joe. “The clean lines and contemporary look of the shelving system worked well with my vision for merchandise display in Dor L’Dor.”

Rakks is designed to provide merchandising flexibility while maintaining a clean understated design” explains David Greenberg from Rakks. “Dor L’Dor’s use of C and D standards allows both straight and staggered shelf configurations, while hangbars and face-out brackets provide unlimited merchandising options.

Dor L'dor Bags on Rakks C-Style Standards and Wire Face Outs

Dor L’dor Bags on Rakks C-Style Standards and Wire Face Outs

“Customers need lots of open site lines on the selling floor. Rakks provides that and then some,” says Joe. “The clean, open feel of the standards and shelving allow my merchandise to set the overall feeling of style in the shop. It works.”

Rakks supplies display shelving to many retailers from coast to coast.

View more examples in the Rakks retail portfolio.



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