Retail Display at Warwick’s Bookstore, La Jolla, CA

by Rakks | December 7th, 2011

Warick's Bookstore
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

When planning a remodel, the country’s oldest family owned and operated bookstore, Warwick’s, turned to Rakks to offer innovative display options to showcase the store’s expansive inventory of products. Founded in 1896, this La Jolla, CA icon is currently run by the 4th generation of Warwicks and sells everything from books to collectibles and apparel.

Warwick's with shelving by Rakks
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

Rakks Shelving Systems
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

Designers and architects Zach Adams and Steve Miles of Miles/Adams centered the remodel concept around lattice wood work that would be featured on the ceiling above the jewelry counter as well as on the gift department wall, the leather wall and the stationary wall. Of the duo’s work style Zach and Steve explain, “We are architects. We are designers. We have different skills, different approaches. One prefers order. One prefers random. We share a singular belief – that each object, material, or structure has a ‘reason for being.’ We discuss and debate every part of each project. We often talk about what an object ‘wants to be’. Our design process focuses on finding the answer.”

In terms of the remodel, the designers said “We designed a series of slatted wood display walls with integrated shelving. We needed a display system which would allow flexibility in its application and functionality. Of course, it had to be attractive and sturdy as well. The second we saw Rakks, we liked it. The second the client saw Rakks, she liked it as well. The finish was excellent. There were many options for brackets and components. It fit perfectly with our design. In the end, we used it in many more locations than expected – on focal walls, on floor fixtures, and even for basic shelving. It was an easy choice.”

Shelving Systems and Architectural Accessories
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

Shelving Accessories including Wire Face Out Brackets
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

Rakks for Retail Display
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

Zach and Steve were impressed with the range and versatility of the products. “The brackets are extremely attractive. This was probably the primary aspect we loved about Rakks. The flexibility of the system – specifically the ability to use different materials (and thickness of materials) for the shelves was a real plus. And, the customer service was particularly helpful.”

Merchandise and Retail Display with Rakks Shelving
Photo Courtesy of Joe Porteous

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