Herndon Design
Residential Revitalization With Rakks
Bloomington, Indiana

by Rakks | June 25th, 2013

Rakks PC2 and PC4 Poles

Herndon Design literally transformed this residential project by creating a contemporary library with the Rakks shelving system. The space is defined by low-pitched exposed beam ceilings with a kitchen/dining area in the middle of the space that functions as a divider between the living room and the library. The design team along with input from the client incorporated a mid-century color palette into the project that included orange, light grey (with texture), yellow and charcoal (with texture).

Rakks Residential Shelving System

Herndon added custom designed cabinetry to the The Rakks shelving system in the library to provide the clients’ with plentiful space for books and dedicated areas for pieces from their art and stone sculpture collections. The Rakks system also provided an organizational solution that eliminated clutter and added color and rhythm to the flow of the contemporary space.

Rakks Aluminum Shelving

“We configured the Rakks shelving system with PC2 and PC4 compression poles with hardware and a clear miter cut,” said Russ Herndon. “We also added Rakks brackets for bookends and cabinet mounting screws for the custom designed cabinets. The Rakks system’s design elements worked together to create a timeless, clear and most modern effect.”

Herndon Design is a design / build company established in 2005 in Bloomington, Indiana. Please visit our website at russherndondesign.com or like us on Facebook.

Photos by Zach Dobson Photography

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