Rakks Lovers Unite on Social Media Platforms

by Rakks | April 26th, 2012

At Rakks, our clientele is made up of architects, designers and store planners – to name a few. A major part of the success of these peoples’ businesses relies on networking with other professionals within their industries. Just as the internet became a springboard for such collaboration years ago, the relatively recent emergence of social media has made the sharing of products and ideas easier and more personal than ever.

If a designer wants to stay on top of the market and use products that consumers are into, a quick look at Pinterest or Flickr will inform him or her of current trends and topics. Architects looking for reliable companies to work with on their building plans will read blog posts which feature or review potential companies’ work. We at Rakks believe that if you see our product, you’ll want to buy our product. Social media is making this easier to implement, and it seems like our customers agree!

A simple search for “Rakks” on Pinterest shows the love our customers have for our bracket and shelving systems:

Pinterest Rakks

Bloggers are getting in on the action by posting personal setups, as well as posting favorite Rakks pictures (if the champagne surprises you – yes, we have products in restaurants, bars and nightclubs)

Rakks Shelvingwww.visualpower.blogspot.com

Rakks Champagne


Flickr users are proudly showing off their Rakks products as well (We don’t care if your office is a mess, we love you anyway).

Flickr Rakks - Juan Sanabria

 Photo credit:  Juan Sanabria

We’d like to thank our fans and customers for posting, sharing, tweeting, liking, tagging, pinning – whatever – your favorite Rakks shelving products. We love being in the middle of such vibrant and creative collaboration. To get into the conversation, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter.


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