Nothing Beats Winning the Gold

by Rakks | September 23rd, 2010

Rakks Shelving at the LEED Gold Certified Searle Chemistry Laboratory

The renovation of The University of Chicago’s Searle Chemistry Laboratory received LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) this year. It is the first LEED-Certified building on the University’s campus. Rakks is proud to have been chosen as shelving provider in this extraordinary modern renovation, and we salute Wilson Architects for their commitment to design that integrates technical complexity with the subtle dynamics of human interaction and their mission to bring humanity to institutional programs.

We also believe that a project like this makes a substantial contribution – a real difference – to an institution. Wilson brought together the people, skills and commitment to produce a project in which design integrates technical complexity with the subtle dynamics of human interaction. Our shelving systems have added a contemporary aesthetic to the Searle interior space.

Aluminum, a core element of Rakks products, is a forward-thinking building component with high aesthetic value. It is 100% recyclable and offers a vast range of options as a post-consumer product. Therefore, building components made of this substance are becoming increasingly popular. Rakks products are made from 64% recycled aluminum (41% from pre-consumer use and 23% from post-consumer use); to learn more about Rakks environmental stance visit Rakks LEED statement. Additional green features of the lab include as sensor-based fume hood controls and a vegetated roof. The use of natural lighting was also a predominate goal with the hope of being able to minimize artificial lights as much as possible.

We thank Wilson Architects and The University of Chicago for including Rakks in this project.

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