Rakks at Rough Trade NYC

by Rakks | June 4th, 2014

Photograph by Becky

A treat for traditional music lovers, UK based vinyl record store Rough Trade  has recently opened its first American store in Brooklyn, NY, Rough Trade NYC.  In a bid to “create something different for the people of New York,” Co-President Stephen Godfroy and his iconic company have turned to Rakks as they repurposed a 15,000 sq ft film prop warehouse into New York’s largest record store.

The launch of a traditional record store in New York during an age of digitization may seem like a massive financial challenge to many. However, Godfroy displays great faith in the global culture of New York and believes that like Londoners, New Yorkers also have a deep respect for the past, with a balanced appetite for the future. His model for success relies heavily on creating an atmosphere tailored for conventional music lovers to hang out in and eventually buy products.

Photograph by Becky

Rakks was once again instrumental in playing the supporting role in the effort to create an industrial chic design for this ‘destination store experience.’ The store is three times larger than any of its UK stores, with an installation gallery, 300 person sound-proof performance space with a bar and coffee counter. According to NYTimes.com, the interior walls are lined with metal from 16 old shipping containers and murals of fashionable album covers are seen hand painted on overexposed brick. The old school rustic charm is maintained even with the display of the records,  some even directly placed on Rakks’s shelving!

“Quite simply, Rakks provided us with a definitive shelving solution, ideal for our book and magazine retail requirements. Not only is the product first-class, the design service and customer care provides significant added value, helping us quickly and reliably with all our specific requests and requirements. Overall, we can’t recommend Rakks highly enough.” – Stephen Godfroy, Co-President, Rough Trade Retail

Photograph by Becky

Rough Trade offers record fans a sense of community and localness with a retail experience that has been lost to today’s music industry. The wide product selection, knowledgeable staff and unique retail experience make Rough Trade a must visit, especially if you love your music!

Rough Trade, 64, North 9th Street, near the East River, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY
Store Times: 9am-11pm

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