Rakks: A System Made For Manhattan

by Rakks | June 3rd, 2011

Rakks Shelving System by Shelf Shop Guy Campell
Guest Blogger Guy Campbell
Shelf Shop Guy Inc. is a full service Rakks dealer covering the metropolitan New York City area. From design to installation, Shelf Shop Guy provides its clients with turnkey solutions including custom wood shelves and cabinets.

Having worked for several years as a designer, salesman, general manager and main installer for The Shelf Shop, based in Manhattan for 38 years, it was a pretty easy transition to start “Shelf Shop Guy” when the company closed back in 2010.

Working with Rakks
As you might imagine, space in Manhattan and the boroughs is a high-priced commodity and the Rakks systems not only allows commercial and residential New Yorkers to utilize every inch of wall space, but they can do it with great style. One of the best features for my clients is the ease of installation that allows them to move their Rakks system with them, a great cost savings, which is very important today. You might think installing shelves for as long as I have (over 15 years) might be boring, but I promise you, there’s never a dull moment with Rakks. The system’s infinite adjustability allows for numerous possibilities when it comes to design, which is the most enjoyable and challenging part of the business.
Custom Rakks Shelving Systems

In Demand Projects
Media and entertainment/work areas are my most sought after projects, and some clients have very challenging spaces to work with. For example, I once had to create a work area for a musician—a keyboard player—and his desk had a pull-out for an 88-key piano. Certainly “a fun yet functional” project, the type of thing Rakks is perfect for.

Most Interesting Shelving Request
I was once asked to put a 24-inch deep shelf on two wall standards with brackets. When I asked the young lady what the shelf was going to be used for, she said “a changing table for her baby.” Although the Rakks system is incredibly strong and would have been fine for this purpose, it just didn’t seem like a good idea. I refused to do the job, smiled and said “Why do you suppose changing tables have four legs?” She then replied, “Well, the baby is really light.”  I had to reply, “But the baby will be getting heavier every day and what happens if you or the Nanny leans on it!” For some New Yorkers, I guess it really is all about saving space by whatever means possible!

Visit www.shelfshopguy.com to view more of our work using Rakks.

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