Rakks Wall Mounted and Pole Supported Glass Shelving Amplifies Minimalist Design

by Rakks | March 28th, 2014

Wall Mounted Glass Shelving Achieves Free-floating Aesthetic

Glass shelving creates a compelling setting to display objects in a free-floating, minimalist fashion. Brackets mounted on Rakks Wall Mounted Standards support glass shelving that displays objects in the N.W. Barrett Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The challenge in this installation was to accommodate the anticipated weight of the handcrafted pottery on the 1/4″ thick glass shelves. The Rakks Brackets and Standards pictured below allow unobstructed views of the art by maintaining a low profile.

“N.W. Barrett Gallery was established in 1985 to show quality handmade crafts. Several hundred artists are represented in various mediums, including fine gems and high karat gold.” – N.W. Barrett Gallery

WallMountedGlassShelvesWall Mounted Shelving – N.W. Barrett Gallery, 53 Market St. Portsmouth, NH

Rakks Shelf Stiffener Accommodates Wide Spans

The display in the photo below is in Pearl River Mart, located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The display features glass shelves spanning nearly four feet, securely supported by Rakks Brackets with integrated shelf stiffener bars. The advantage of using shelf stiffeners is to provide support under the glass shelves to accommodate longer spans and greater weight capacity. Over a long span, the stiffened glass shelves allow more versatility to display merchandise. They also maximize the visual appeal of the exposed brick wall’s surface.

GlassShelvingRakksPearl River Mart – SoHo, NY – Design/Photograph by TRA Studio

Sophisticated Glass Shelving With Rakks Aria Brackets

A favorite of merchandisers and residential customers nationwide – Rakks Aria Brackets are a two-piece aluminum shelf bracket. The Aria Bracket can support a variety of glass thicknesses and support shelves up to 12” deep. Aria brackets are available in clear and black anodized aluminum. Two design configurations (5″ matching top-and-bottom or 5″ bottom with available hold-down) are secured with color matched set screws.

GlassShelvingBracketsEstelle’s Dressy Dresses, Farmingdale, NY – Design by Delaney Enos Associates

Rakks Aria Bracket Installation Video

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