Rakks Wishes You A Happy and Healthy New Year

Happy New Year from Rakks Shelving


As 2013 comes to a close, everyone at Rakks would like to take a moment to thank our customers, business partners and friends for making it another tremendously successful year. This year we collaborated with many talented architects, designers, and end-users on a wide variety of impressive shelving projects. We unveiled a new interactive website this fall and are grateful for the praise we have received from the architect/design community both on Facebook and Twitter.

We appreciate and thank you for your continued support and are eager to move forward with you in 2014.

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Rakks Shelving Creates the Space at SUITE NY

shelving systems

Rakks shelving has retail applications beyond just displaying merchandise. Rakks creates spaces. At the SUITE New York showroom in Manhattan, Rakks shelving systems delineate the space into sections, creating “rooms” on the selling floor and providing 360-degree views of the mid-century modern and contemporary furniture. With a clean, minimalist aesthetic, Rakks complements and supports the meticulously curated furniture selection.

Fashion and design enthusiasts Kris Fuchs and Maria Sepulveda share a passion for mid-century modern and contemporary furniture. With Fuchs’ public relations background and Sepulveda’s fashion design merchandizing experience, the two teamed up and opened the SUITE New York showroom in 2006 to cater to the growing interest and demand for iconic modern design. Almost eight years later, the Suite New York showroom has become a landmark in New York’s design community and features a collection of iconic European designs alongside contemporary pieces from up and coming international designers.

shelving systems

Securing an 8000 square foot showroom in the NoMAD district, the team needed a way to display the collection as it grew. An architect friend introduced them to Rakks shelving. Capitalizing on Rakks infinite adjustability, the team used the shelving systems to make vertical displays and create an environment with transparency. Rakks shelving supports the furniture while having the effect of creating different rooms through which architects, interior designers and residential clients peruse the collections.

rakks shelving

Rakks has supported the SUITE New York collection for nearly eight years. Founder Kris Fuchs says, “Rakks has a very contemporary, futuristic aesthetic. It enhances the design of the products being displayed. It goes with all the furnishings in our showroom and has served us well since we opened.”

SUITE New York also offers a range of products suitable for contract or residential projects of any size. Their corporate branding and restructuring projects span corporate, hospitality, real estate, educational and cultural fields with clients including Nike, Bank of America, Microsoft, the New York Public Library, Harvard University and many more.

Explore SUITE New York’s collections at SUITENY.COM and follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SUITENewYork and Twitter at https://twitter.com/SUITEny 

rakks shelving suite ny

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The Sea Mirror: Where City and Nature Become One

At Rakks, we appreciate innovative design, especially when it strives to fuse natural and urban environments. One Central Park in Sydney, Australia is continually raising the bar with their impressive art installations and this newest one really caught our eye.

Sea Mirror Sydney

One Central Park is a combination of residential towers and independent fashion and food retailers. Deemed the place where city meets nature, the complex offers a new take on green living with 6,400 square meters of parks and lush gardens that climb the towers to form a canopy. On Monday, the newest addition to this complex was unveiled: a dramatic cantilevered heliostat called Miroir de Mer, or Sea Mirror, which is comprised of 320 individual mirror plates that work in concert to offer a stunning light display. The installation is a permanent addition to Central Park’s $8 million public art collection.

Sea Mirror Installation

Kersale regards his light projects as a form of urban renewal. His installations reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding area, using the night sky as his canvas while not overpowering it.   He describes the narrative of his work: “Sydney’s harbour is mythical for the sailing universe and being a sailor myself, the opportunity to capture the sea in this way and reflect it indirectly on the heliostat, constitutes the grounds for this geo-poetical signal. ”

“A rotating series of images of reflections of the sun on the water will be take shape via lights on the heliostat. The variations will be in relation to the shades and colour tones of Sydney’s harbour. It will not be a live projection but a capture of sea substance and light sparkles on site, which will then be worked on. They can relate to seasons or can be a game of opposites; ie. the light emanating from a summer sun in the middle of winter. ”

“It is important to understand that the installation is an allegory, a symbol of the sea in the city.”

Sea Mirror Australia

Kersale has produced hundreds of projects internationally including the lighting of the Sony Centre in Berlin, the airports of Bangkok and the red pulsations for the skylight of the Lyons Opera House.

To read more about this dazzling installation, visit Contemporist: http://www.contemporist.com/2013/12/09/sea-mirror-opens-at-one-central-park-in-sydney-australia/

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Marcus Dipietro
Rakks Shelving Plays a Supporting Role in his One Man Show

Haiku on a Hill
Haiku on a Hill: Oak Hill residence in Nashville, TN

Architect Marcus Dipietro specializes in distinctive residential projects that blend traditional materials and modern design. As a sole practicing architect, he fully embraces solutions that simplify the planning and implementation process. When Marcus noticed the smooth anodized aluminum finish on Rakks shelving and realized the ease of specifying and installing Rakks products, he began to incorporate them into projects. His Modern Oak Hill residence project in Nashville includes several Rakks installations and shows how Rakks products are highly adaptable in their ability to seamlessly work in both modern and traditional spaces.

Oak Hill Residence Interior
Interior: Oak Hill Residence

In his Oak Hill residence project, the homeowners desired a spacious, modern home in a traditional Nashville neighborhood. The husband and wife wanted a simple, unfettered life while at home with their two children. Working within the confines of the old ranch foundation, Dipietro created a spacious, modern home that spills natural light and takes advantage of the surrounding views.

Dipietro has used Rakks for a few years in various residential installations for its simple, clean design and ability to “float” objects on the wall. With Rakks ease of installation, he is able to mount the Rakks shelving on site, eliminating the need for custom millwork.

Rakks Shelving
Rakks Pole Mounted Shelving in Oak Hill Residence

Looking to create a dressing room space extending from the master suite, Dipietro installed Rakks pole mounted shelving to open the space using L-Brackets tied to the supporting wall with mitered tie-pole and anchor brackets. Custom cabinets built into the systems offer storage options in addition to the display shelves. Rakks is installed throughout the house in the kids’ closets and coat closet featuring quarter sawn, oak-finished display shelves.

Marcus is particularly drawn to the anodized aluminum finish on the Rakks systems. He says, “The Rakks anodized aluminum finish resembles the quietness of stainless steel. It’s smooth to the touch and looks great on the wall. I never have to worry about it fitting into a space because it really goes with everything.”

Rakks anodized aluminum shelving
Rakks anodized aluminum finish

Upon the project’s completion, Marcus received one of the greatest compliments from the homeowner: “The home has this amazing effect where I don’t want to leave it in the morning and I can’t wait to get home at the end of the day.” As Marcus continues on with his residential projects, he will continue to rely on Rakks shelving to bring a satisfied smile to his clients. 

To read more about Marcus and view his work, visit http://www.marcusdipietro.com/


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Takes and Tweets: A Designer’s Perspective on Rakks

Designer Lou Simmons has a keen eye for interesting objects-his Twitter and Flickr accounts are overflowing with impressive object portraits. He is always on the lookout for high-quality, innovative design and last week, Simmons Tweeted pictures of Rakks shelving installations and we followed up with him about his passion for design and his take on Rakks systems.

Tell us about yourself, Lou.

LS: I moved to Boston 2 years ago from my home state of Texas to be with a smart and beautiful California girl. I’m a designer/builder at Guarnotta Design and Build (formerly unKilo) and I work on a variety of projects and am passionate about residential architecture and design. I’m studying for my exams for licensure and am set to be a licensed architect by next year, assuming all goes well.

Lou Simmons Twitter

You have quite the Twitter presence. Do you Tweet shelving systems often?

LS: (laughs) I love taking photos of objects and exploring different forms. I have nearly 3,000 photos on my Flickr account. I displayed some flowers and a record player on my Rakks installation in my apartment and decided to take some photos.

From an architecture and design standpoint, what makes Rakks stand out as Tweet-worthy?

LS: I first saw Rakks when I was in Dallas. The architecture firm Corgan Associates had used it on a project and I appreciated the infinite adjustability and flexibility. The sleek systems easily adapt, fitting nicely into any space. I also appreciate the local aspect too, as Rakks is based out of Needham, MA.

Have you used Rakks in any professional applications?

LS: Yeah, actually. Guarnotta has used Rakks in several projects, the most recent being in a condo renovation on Beacon St.  We used Rakks standards that recessed nicely into the wall. It is currently under construction but I will Tweet those photos at you as soon as it’s finished.

Please do!


Follow Lou on Twitter @plsiii and see Guarnotta’s great work at http://guarnottadesign.com/

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Shelving From Boston
Lighting Designer's Loft Space

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had...

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