Rakks Shelving: Supporting the
Home Team

Red Sox and Rakks Shelving
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rakks congratulates the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox. We are thrilled to have the title back in Boston and proud to know that Rakks Shelving can be found in Fenway Park.

Rakks at Fenway Park
Photo courtesy of Sonos

We also support the beards.

Rakks Shelving
Photo by Sports Illustrated

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Rakks Launches New
Interactive Web Destination

Rakks Website

Rangine Corporation and Rakks reinvent their digital presence with the launch of an interactive, state of the art web destination. It is highly interactive, easily navigated and mirrors the Rakks design aesthetic with a minimalist blend of function and style. Showing Rakks broad range of products, the site serves as an integrated platform for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and an onsite blog.

The new Rakks online destination was created by Laidlaw Group, a fully integrated marketing communications firm specializing in building brands. Laidlaw Group exhibits its signature style with this latest website incorporating a minimalist tone with compelling imagery.

Rakks Product Identification Tool

The new website offers a comprehensive overview of all Rakks products with exceptional, spanning photos featuring Rakks systems used in locations from coast to coast. A proprietary, interactive product identification tool labels the products when the user hovers over the installation photos as a means of providing detailed specs including style, sizing and finish options.

Rakks image portfolio is also searchable by keyword to assist users in finding and viewing product-featured installations. A customer looking for glass shelving could type “glass” into the search bar and receive a list of glass shelving installations in locations including The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TX and the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.

A series of instructional installation videos break down the installation process. An onsite blog showcases architectural projects, profiles high caliber architecture firms and includes a “Style Spy” section that shares innovative, unique architecture.

Rakks has grown significantly in its 13-year relationship with Laidlaw Group to become a household name in the architectural and design world. Rakks shelving systems are featured in educational institutions, corporate offices, renown museums and retail locations nationwide. 

David Greenberg, president of Rakks, shares, “This new website will allow us to interact with our customers utilizing today’s technology. It is a powerful, virtual, specification and selling tool.”


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Supporting the Top Shelf
Rakks Shelving Systems

In the world of hospitality, a restaurant or bar’s ambiance is tailored down to the finest details. Whether it be a sports bar, an upscale hotel bar or a coffee shop, the display behind the bartender or barista is crucial as it represents the assortment of beverages and reflects the quality of the bar. Rakks shelving systems are the choice of hospitality designers everywhere as the sleek, minimalist shelving systems showcase the products and complement any atmosphere while supporting a vast assortment of beverages.

Rakks Support BarsDesign by Mr. Important Design

Avalon Night Club in Sacramento, CA uses Rakks PC4 threaded compression poles and Rakks style brackets to create a sophisticated yet relaxed bar dynamic. With a gentle blue backlight and decoratively spaced bottles, the shelving systems support the upscale ambiance.

Rakks Support Poles and Panel Framing

The Coffee Studio in Chicago, IL uses Rakks PC4 support poles and panel framing channels to display their coffees and specialty teas. The smooth aluminum blends seamlessly with the coffee equipment and offers a refreshing contrast to the wood finish.

Rakks PC2 Support PolesDesign by A2Studios

The Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar in Santa Rosa, CA uses PC2 support poles mitered with L-brackets to display its wine selection. This configuration offers superior strength, supporting a vast assortment of wine bottles. The custom red finish provides a warm, breathable atmosphere and allows ample space to display the various collections.

Next time you’re in a bar, pay close attention to the shelving they use to display their beverages. You may just see something you recognize.


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Building in the Key of Innovation

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

How does one go about creating the “Most Romantic Building in China”? Simple. Take the piano and the violin, the modern incarnations of romance, and blow them up 50 times their normal size.  This was the task at hand when designers from Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co. teamed up with students from Hefey University of Technology to create the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall in Huainan City, China in 2007. Their project, which has garnered support and admiration from designers and architects worldwide, is a prime example of innovative and functional architecture. And is just the beginning for this up and coming Chinese province.

The romantic structure is composed of a transparent violin and a black piano, the former serving as the entrance with an appropriate grand staircase and escalator that lead visitors inside the grand piano. Both instruments are constructed using a combination of different modern materials including black and transparent glass that give the building a sleek finish that beckons the spill of sunlight. At night, the transparency fades, leaving only a sensuous silhouette of the instrumental couple.


Piano House

The base of the grand piano, which is comprised of two concert halls, serves as a practice facility for musicians from local colleges. The building has become a popular tourist destination and common photo spot for newlyweds looking for a shot with the “Most Romantic Building in China.”

The Urban Planning and Exhibition Hall was commissioned by the local government to draw interest to the developing city of Huainan. It is a less economically developed province of China, but has an admirable ambition to become a powerhouse for innovative, sports-themed architecture. A breadboard model inside the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall displays various city plans and further innovative developments. In 2011, the city released its design plans, which included a collection park featuring five sports-themed buildings.


Sports Park

A 150-meter ping pong paddle-shaped hotel is set to be constructed in Huainan City, a coal mining centre with a population of 2.4 million. The hotel will cover an area of 67 hectares, and is estimated to cost 300 million yuan (approx. US $46 million). It will feature three sections: the top section is designed to host a restaurant and bar with an observation deck for the scenic view of the city, the middle will offer guest rooms, and the lower section will house conference facilities.

The plans also include a football shaped stadium, a volleyball-shaped natatorium (indoor swimming pool) plus smaller stadiums and gym facilities shaped like a football and a basketball. The buildings were all designed by Mei Jikui, a renowned architect for sports-related construction and is projected to cost 1.8 billion yuan (approx. US$275 million). Construction began at the end of 2011 and is to be completed in three phases over five years.

The city has already placed itself on the map with its musical incarnation and we are eager to get a look at the next fascinating development in Huainan City.

Piano House

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Top 100 Brands: Navigating the Change, Meeting the Needs

Tim Cook, Apple

Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, released its annual Best Global Brands Report and crowned a new king. After 13 years at the top, Coca Cola has been dethroned and Apple now leads the way, with Google as runner up. With an ever-changing landscape and more consumer power present in today’s market place than ever before, leading brands expertly navigate the forces of progress, social change and technological advancement. The shifting terrain means brands must create and develop adaptable products that meet customers’ growing needs.

But it’s not just the Top 100 brands that live by these principles. Similar ideals hold true for small to mid-sized businesses. Although not in the top 100, Rakks commits itself to similar principles through producing high quality shelving systems that adapt to a variety of spaces and needs. As Rakks creates products to meet new demands, such as floating aluminum shelves and counter support brackets, architects continue to choose Rakks for their commitment to excellence in creating shelving systems with a high level of style and functionality.

Rakks Floating Shelf
Rakks Floating Shelf

Rakks Counter Support Brackets
Rakks Counter Support Bracket

According to Interbrand, strong brands improve business performance through an ability to influence customer choice, command a premium price for products and services and create passionate customer loyalty.  The Top 100 brands were determined based on financial performance, influence on customer choice and the strength of the brand relative to competition.

Apple has not just changed the technological landscape; it has changed the way we interact with one another and with our work. In its brand report, Interbrand says, “Few brands have enabled so many people to do so much so easily.” Apple has never lost sight of the consumer-driven marketing approach and constantly creates new apps, devices and opportunities that meet customers’ growing demands.

Apple products

Rakks looks up to these companies that achieve excellence through commitment
to principles of innovation, versatility and meeting customer needs.  Architects
and designers use Rakks shelving systems because they realize Rakks commitment to excellence in design and functionality. With the versatility of its shelving systems and the ability to navigate changes in customers’ needs, Rakks will continue to echo these ideals embodied by top companies including Apple, Google
and Coca-Cola.

Rakks logo


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Modern Spaces Utilizing
Wall Mounted Shelving

Creating display shelving space in an open loft environment can be a challenge. Open spaces present unlimited opportunities.

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