Living Room Shelf Design From Three Coasts

Living rooms incorporate shelving units that articulate the need for stylish storage solutions. Each of these three spaces incorporate Rakks Shelving that plays a supporting role in storing books, vinyl records and picture frames. The first residence has a tremendous minimalist living room overlooking a Maine hillside that is opposite to Frenchman Bay and Acadia National Park. Next we detail a family room from the Gulf Coast in New Orleans. Lastly, a seaside living room adjacent to Downtown Seattle.

Maine Living Room Uses Rakks Shelving to Enhance Minimalism

Staying with a modern, minimalist theme while using traditional New England building elements (such as white cedar shingles on the exterior), Peacock Builders of Bar Harbor was able to create this alluring living room. Acting as a bookshelf, the shelves are supported by Rakks Style Brackets, allowing ample storage space in the living room. Books and art objects are proudly displayed on the shelving system, allowing enough space for the rest of the room to open up to the outdoors.

“This was our second project using Rakks shelving. It was the perfect fit for the aesthetics of the job, simple to install and appropriate to the budget.” – Peacock Builders

Design by Peacock Builders, Photograph by Sandy Agrafiotis

New Orleans Residence Piles Books Floor-to-Ceiling With Rakks

This Gulf Coast living room has a cozy corner at ground level. Eight levels of Rakks Brackets hold custom shelves that frame an entertainment system. The dark shelving combined with warm, dark-wooden flooring and a brown leather chair help combine contemporary and mid-century elements to make a stunning statement from floor-to-ceiling.

Design by studioWTA, Photograph by Sarah Essex Bradley

Seattle “Stair House” Living Room Overlooks Downtown

This Pacific Coast living room overlooks Lake Washington’s Lacey V Murrow Bridge and Downtown Seattle. In this instance, when combined with floor-to-ceiling views, the Rakks Aluminum Shelves bring the focus of the room up and outwards towards the fantastic panorama. Rakks Brackets and Shelves play to the spaces strengths – clean lines and modern styling.

Design/Photograph by David Coleman / Architecture

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Shelving Systems In Three Contemporary West Coast Living Spaces

These shelving systems all incorporate Rakks products, and are all located on the West Coast. These contemporary residential spaces are located in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The first space featured is a Seattle staircase, the second is a high-rise apartment on Russian Hill in San Francisco, and the third is a modern Los Angeles ranch-style residence.

Sustainable Seattle Home Using Rakks Brackets and Standards

Rakks Brackets and Wall Mounted Standards played a supporting role in transforming this Seattle staircase into an outdoor-inspired space. The sturdy wooden shelves pictured are on Rakks Style Brackets and have a natural finish, and help contribute to the relationship between the outdoors and the open-air staircase. The finish on the steps complements the shelving, and the illumination of the skylight ties the room together from top to bottom. The shelves are staggered amongst the standards, and have an organic height and spacing.

“This project emphasizes the relationship between site and building by creating indoor and outdoor spaces” – Fivedot Design Build

Design/Photograph by Fivedot Design Build

High-rise San Francisco Space Enhanced by Rakks “Clean” Lines

This photo was taken in the inception of this now-occupied space in a Russian Hill high-rise. Using Rakks Shelf Support Brackets, this entertainment center stacks glass shelves mounted on Rakks Standards above bamboo cabinets. The hanging bamboo cabinets compliment the drop-in wooden ceiling.

“This is on the 23rd floor of the Eichler tower on Russian Hill. Very clean and simple lines hide the detail involved.” – Creative Spaces, Inc.

Design/Photo by Creative Spaces, Inc.

Shelving Idea Comes to Life in a Modern Los Angeles Living Room

This Los Angeles living room got custom makeover incorporating Rakks Shelving. Using Rakks Aluminum Shelves and Pole Mounted L-Brackets, ras-a, inc. was able to create an entertainment area that also acts as a working desk. Because the TV and desk face the same way, the desk’s user can be part of the conversation in the room without being distracted by the TV. The custom shelving system plays a supporting role highlighting the minimalist nature of the space.

“The aluminum shelves and support system are by Rakks. The configuration is custom as well as the floating cabinets.” – ras a, inc.

Design by ras-a, inc., Photograph by Roel Kuiper

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Modern Spaces Nationwide Utilizing Wall Mounted Shelving

Creating display shelving space in an open loft environment can be a challenge. Open spaces present unlimited opportunities but at the same time without proper structure can be overwhelming. Installations in Los Angeles, New York and Santa Monica are examples of transformations in which Rakks Wall Mounted Shelving Systems have played a supporting role.

Highlighting a Loft in Los Angeles’ Artist District

This artist’s loft in one of LA’s “Hottest Neighborhoods” is a testament to Rakks versatility. Using Rakks Wall Mounted Standards, a custom shelving system was created. Rakks Standards provide storage space for a book collection without sacrificing modern form. The shelving systems frame the spectacular view and the interconnected wall standards expand the horizontal feeling of the space.

“The entirety of the space was constructed and designed from supplied design and construction drawings.” – Darra Bishop, Bespoke Design

Space Designed by Bespoke Design, Photograph by Nick Springett

Brooklyn Brownstone Displays Objects Without Overpowering

Pictured below is a expansive shoe and clothing collection that was featured on a “shoe wall“. The wall is lined with Rakks aluminum shelving on recessed standards. Floor to ceiling sliding panels provide privacy and a sleek visual experience . The anodized extruded aluminum finish of Rakks shelving blends seamlessly with the finish of the dresser.

“The shelves are extruded aluminum with recessed standards by Rakks.” – Slade Architecture

WallMountedShelvingBrooklynSpace Designed by Slade Architecture, Photograph by Jordi Miralles

Santa Monica Home Brings the Outdoors Into Every Room

Each room in this Santa Monica home by Kevin Daly Architects opens to the outdoors. All the interior design elements (including the shelving) contribute to the modern, wide-open theme. This space incorporates shelving that varies in depth depending on the shelf height. This opens up the space to the ceiling while having the bottom shelf function as a working desk. These are wooden shelves on Rakks Brackets of various depths.

“After trading hands in 2005, the 1950s traditional got a major makeover.” – Curbed Los Angeles

Space Designed by Kevin Daly Architects, Photograph by Bruce Damonte

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Incorporating Rustic and Industrial Design Elements

Incorporating industrial and rustic elements into a space requires the furniture, shelving and lighting to harmonize within the space. This photograph of a Brooklyn loft (Christopher A. Dorsey) perfectly demonstrates balancing these design elements. Featured on Houzz, this loft designed by Alina Preciado incorporated a Pole Supported Rakks Shelving System. This system adds verticality to the space and works well with the industrially-inspired lighting and hanging trapeze bar. The leather couch pillows balance the industrial feel, and three Dar Gitane metal tables provide a heavy, gilded-aged look.

Incorporating Industrial Ideas Into Contemporary Spaces

Below is a photograph detailing the transformation of an office within a rustic three-bedroom duplex in Harlem designed by Mabbott Seidel Architecture. This is a more contemporary space: but it uses industrial ideas like open shelving (Rakks Brackets) to better represent a working office space. Industrial elements like this distinguish spaces throughout the home.

“They’re the “C” profile standard and typical Rakks shelving bracket. You can make strong, and reasonably-priced shelves from cutting down sheets of 3/4″ birch plywood.” – Mabbott Seidel Architecture

Blending Rustic and Industrial With Wood and Metal Elements

This Boston-area residence by InTAdesign incorporates a hybrid bookshelf system that blends nineteenth-century wooden boards reclaimed from the house with anodized aluminum components. Hanging open lighting helps connect the bottom and top of the space. Combining the wood and metal elements in the post and beam system perfectly completes the balance between rustic and industrial design execution.

Industrial Design Elements
Space Designed by InTAdesign

How Lighting Plays Into the Industrial Equation

Here is another example of furniture, shelving, and lighting working in unison. This Seattle-area kitchen designed by Fivedot Design Build incorporates industrial-inspired lamps and stools that contrast perfectly with the rustic kitchen bench and Rakks Shelving System.

Photo/Design by Fivedot Design Build

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Quality Low Profile Floating Shelves Are Not a Myth

Rakks Aluminum Floating Shelves

Low profile floating shelves strong enough to hold books are a myth, right? Actually, Wrong. Many architects and designers have had bad experiences with these products, because they are simply not strong enough for books. Most low profile floating shelves that exist in the marketplace look good, but they have limited weight-bearing capacity. Engineering a quality shelf that fits securely on each wall stud is a real challenge for most manufacturers, but not for Rakks. Why is that? Because Rakks can drill custom holes to precisely fit the location and measurement of the wall studs.

Heavy Duty Floating ShelvesInstallation Profile of Rakks Floating Shelf  – Click Picture to Buy


Floating Shelves Strong Enough to Hold Books

It took the Rakks team years of development to get where we are with these floating shelves. Achieving contemporary style with the strength to hold 25 pounds per linear foot was the goal. Trial and error told us that low profile floating shelves that are strong enough to hold things like books are difficult to secure with dynamic stud spacing. This is why Rakks floating shelves can be ordered to fit exactly to the wall studs. All you have to do is specify the exact locations of the holes.

rakks floating shelfRakks Floating Shelves hold 25 pounds per linear foot of weight

Floating Shelf Ideas

Utilization of floating shelves within the space creates a myriad of possibilities (Nice article by HGTV).  Our shelves are engineered to play a supporting role in modern or contemporary spaces. These low profile shelves are not just for books. Artwork and glassware can also be confidently displayed on Rakks floating shelves. Nothing is worse than having a valuable object come crashing down to the floor. So is there such thing as quality  floating shelves that are equally as strong as they are beautiful? At Rakks there is.

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Ice Architecture: 6 Incredible Buildings Made From Ice and Snow

Rakks is located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. During this record breaking winter filled with ice and snow, we haven’t lost our thirst for interesting architecture..

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