Takes and Tweets: A Designer’s Perspective on Rakks

Designer Lou Simmons has a keen eye for interesting objects-his Twitter and Flickr accounts are overflowing with impressive object portraits. He is always on the lookout for high-quality, innovative design and last week, Simmons Tweeted pictures of Rakks shelving installations and we followed up with him about his passion for design and his take on Rakks systems.

Tell us about yourself, Lou.

LS: I moved to Boston 2 years ago from my home state of Texas to be with a smart and beautiful California girl. I’m a designer/builder at Guarnotta Design and Build (formerly unKilo) and I work on a variety of projects and am passionate about residential architecture and design. I’m studying for my exams for licensure and am set to be a licensed architect by next year, assuming all goes well.

Lou Simmons Twitter

You have quite the Twitter presence. Do you Tweet shelving systems often?

LS: (laughs) I love taking photos of objects and exploring different forms. I have nearly 3,000 photos on my Flickr account. I displayed some flowers and a record player on my Rakks installation in my apartment and decided to take some photos.

From an architecture and design standpoint, what makes Rakks stand out as Tweet-worthy?

LS: I first saw Rakks when I was in Dallas. The architecture firm Corgan Associates had used it on a project and I appreciated the infinite adjustability and flexibility. The sleek systems easily adapt, fitting nicely into any space. I also appreciate the local aspect too, as Rakks is based out of Needham, MA.

Have you used Rakks in any professional applications?

LS: Yeah, actually. Guarnotta has used Rakks in several projects, the most recent being in a condo renovation on Beacon St.  We used Rakks standards that recessed nicely into the wall. It is currently under construction but I will Tweet those photos at you as soon as it’s finished.

Please do!


Follow Lou on Twitter @plsiii and see Guarnotta’s great work at http://guarnottadesign.com/

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Rakks Shelving Systems: Supporting the Modern Anthology Story

Rakks Shelving Systems
Rakks PC2 Poles with L-Brackets in the Modern Anthology retail location

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Modern Anthology, a Brooklyn-based creative studio, incorporates this belief into everything they do. Whether it’s designing, branding, promoting, or filmmaking, their inspiring work stems from identifying and telling the story.  And in the Modern Anthology story, Rakks plays a supporting role.

The creative studio has used Rakks shelving systems in several of their architecture and design projects including residential installations in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. When Modern Anthology opened their own retail location in Dumbo, Brooklyn, they chose Rakks shelving systems to support their men’s lifestyle merchandise.

Modern Anthology’s architecture and interior design work spans the board, with a client list as diverse as it is impressive including several projects with Disney, DIY Network, the upscale Madura Garments in India and MTV. The Modern Anthology team approaches each project with imagination and ambition. Whatever the project calls for, designers and architects at Modern Anthology count on the versatility and aesthetic of Rakks shelving systems.

Rakks PC2 Poles
Rakks PC2 Poles with L-Brackets in the Modern Anthology retail location

John Marsala, co-owner of Modern Anthology, had used Rakks in several other projects and relied on Rakks shelving systems to support the merchandise and aesthetic of the new store. “We incorporated a Rakks system into our own retail space as we love the flexibility that it offers from both a design perspective as well as functionality,” John says.

The Modern Anthology retail location strikes a balance between vintage and contemporary, utilizing Rakks PC2 Poles with L Brackets to support the varied store merchandise including duffel bags, globes, and even grooming accessories.

Rakks Shelving
Rakks Standards and Brackets with reclaimed wood shelving in Rainn Wilson’s Los Angeles home

Modern Anthology has featured Rakks in their clients’ stories as well. Marsala and his associates first used Rakks shelving systems in an installation in NBC’s “The Office” star Rainn Wilson’s Los Angeles home. To develop the rustic, natural aesthetic for the residence to be featured on the DIY Network’s show Man Caves, Modern Anthology used reclaimed wood floors from a Warner Brothers sound stage and a ventless fireplace. An outstanding element of the design includes a custom built library with a rolling ladder, utilizing Rakks Standards to support the reclaimed wood/walnut shelves.

Rakks Standards and Brackets
Rakks Standards and Brackets with reclaimed wood shelving in Rainn Wilson’s Los Angeles home

In another residential project, the Sutton Residence in Brooklyn, NY, Modern Anthology utilized Rakks PC2 Poles with L brackets. The classic black aluminum completes the space, bring together the thick rough sawn wooden shelving and the red brick walls of this private home.

 Rakks Shelving Systems
Rakks PC2 Poles with L Brackets and wooden shelving

 As Modern Anthology’s story continues to unfold, they know they can always count on Rakks to play a supporting role. Visit Modern Anthology’s retail location at 68 Jay St, New York, NY 11201. Also check out their eye opening blog and online store to become a part of the Modern Anthology story.

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Rakks: Preserving the Kennedy Legacy 50 Years Later

50 years ago today, the Kennedy’s motorcade made its way through the crowded streets of Dallas. The president and first lady flashed their signature smiles from the backseat of a Lincoln Continental convertible. The camaraderie turned to tragedy when the unthinkable happened and one of the most popular presidents in history, known for his vision and boyish charm, was no more.

Rakks Shelving at the Sixth Floor JFK Reading Room

For 23 years, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, has kept conversation alive about the Kennedy assassination, with resources and historical materials that foster understanding about Kennedy and the conspiracy surrounding that fateful day in November. Rakks supports the Sixth Floor Museum and preserves Kennedy’s legacy with shelving installations in the museum that house the treasures and artifacts that keep Kennedy’s legacy and vision alive.

Constructed in 1901, the red brick building on the corner of Houston and Elm Street, known as the Texas School Book Depository became the focal point of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Evidence found showed the shots that killed the President were fired from the sixth floor. On President’s Day 1989, The Sixth Floor Museum opened on its namesake floor as a response to the many visitors who flock to Dealey Square to learn more about the assassination. Visitors travel back in time in two key evidentiary areas which have been carefully restored to their 1963 appearance. The Museum contains thought provoking exhibits and photographs, a reading/research room and a store and café. Rakks anodized aluminum shelving is configured to display merchandise in the Museum store and is also used in the Reading Room to house the museum’s iconic book collection.

The café and store designed by Manask & Associates are the most recent additions to the museum, opening in early summer 2010, and feature an array of books and collectibles. Joining a long list of notable museums that have turned to Rakks including MoMA and The Senator John Heinz History Center, The Sixth Floor Museum Store takes full advantage of Rakks architecturally savvy product line. Rakks shelving systems are used for the display of apparel, accessories and memorabilia in the store and Rakks glass and aluminum shelving compliment the open, loft-style space created by Corgan Associates. In the Reading Room, countless JFK books, magazines, newspapers, and videos fill Rakks aluminum shelving, the elegant lines of the shelves allowing natural light to fill the room.

In a tribute to the nation’s 35th president, a project presented by the JFK Library recently launched on Twitter, twitter.com/kennedy1960,will chronicle Kennedy’s historic campaign to office. Creativity-Online explains tweets will include links to classic photos and advertisements from the campaign as well as memorable quotes. Between the JFK Library and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Kennedy’s legacy has been carried forward for future generations to be able to experience a true symbol of Americana. Be sure to follow the Kennedy campaign as well as Rakks on Twitter for more information.


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Rakks Aria Bracket
Sophisticated & Sensuous

At Rakks we know that how you display your merchandise is just as important as the merchandise itself. Whether it’s fine jewelry or books, our shelving systems support your merchandising strategy. With unmatched elegance and superior strength, Rakks Aria Brackets have become a favorite of merchandisers nationwide.

Rakks Aria Brackets

A two-piece aluminum shelf bracket, the Aria Bracket can support glass or wood shelves of various thicknesses up to 12” deep. This elegant display bracket comes in two configurations, one with matching top and bottom, the other using a small hold-down bracket on the top. Aria brackets are available in clear and black anodized aluminum and are secured with color matched set screws.

Users can view the Aria Brackets up close and personally in the interactive portfolio on the new Rakks website.  Users can enter “aria” into the keyword search bar and see the Aria Brackets displayed in several retail locations nationwide including Estelle’s Dressy Dresses in Farmingdale, NY. The sleek brackets complement the ladies’ footwear selection and breathe elegance into the display.

Rakks Aria Brackets

Rakks Aria Brackets

In the above salon installation, the curved bracket secures the shelf on both the top and bottom.  The second configuration, shown in the residential installation below, uses the curved bracket only on the bottom, with a small hold-down bracket on the top.

Rakks Aria brackets are versatile and complement any space, including residential installations. In this private residence in Prospect, Kentucky, the clean feel of the Aria Brackets and glass shelves open up the room and allow over ten shelves to fit nicely on one wall without overwhelming the space.

Rakks Residential Display

Despite its sophisticated style, the Rakks Aria Brackets can be assembled in just a few steps. Watch the installation video for step-by-step instructions on how to install the Aria Brackets. Additional resources are available on the Rakks website to simplify the process of specifying and installing your Aria Brackets including a product page, CAD drawing, and printed installation sheet.

The new Rakks portfolio makes the process of searching, identifying and viewing shelving systems, including Aria Brackets, a simple and inviting experience. The Rakks Aria Bracket, an exemplary product of Rakks style, shines bright in the product spotlight and shows the versatility of Rakks applications.

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Rakks Shelving: Supporting the
Home Team

Red Sox and Rakks Shelving
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rakks congratulates the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox. We are thrilled to have the title back in Boston and proud to know that Rakks Shelving can be found in Fenway Park.

Rakks at Fenway Park
Photo courtesy of Sonos

We also support the beards.

Rakks Shelving
Photo by Sports Illustrated

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Shelving From Boston
Lighting Designer's Loft Space

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had...

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