Incorporating Rustic and Industrial Design Elements

Incorporating industrial and rustic elements into a space requires the furniture, shelving and lighting to harmonize within the space. This photograph of a Brooklyn loft (Christopher A. Dorsey) perfectly demonstrates balancing these design elements. Featured on Houzz, this loft designed by Alina Preciado incorporated a Pole Supported Rakks Shelving System. This system adds verticality to the space and works well with the industrially-inspired lighting and hanging trapeze bar. The leather couch pillows balance the industrial feel, and three Dar Gitane metal tables provide a heavy, gilded-aged look.

Incorporating Industrial Ideas Into Contemporary Spaces

Below is a photograph detailing the transformation of an office within a rustic three-bedroom duplex in Harlem designed by Mabbott Seidel Architecture. This is a more contemporary space: but it uses industrial ideas like open shelving (Rakks Brackets) to better represent a working office space. Industrial elements like this distinguish spaces throughout the home.

“They’re the “C” profile standard and typical Rakks shelving bracket. You can make strong, and reasonably-priced shelves from cutting down sheets of 3/4″ birch plywood.” – Mabbott Seidel Architecture

Blending Rustic and Industrial With Wood and Metal Elements

This Boston-area residence by InTAdesign incorporates a hybrid bookshelf system that blends nineteenth-century wooden boards reclaimed from the house with anodized aluminum components. Hanging open lighting helps connect the bottom and top of the space. Combining the wood and metal elements in the post and beam system perfectly completes the balance between rustic and industrial design execution.

Industrial Design Elements
Space Designed by InTAdesign

How Lighting Plays Into the Industrial Equation

Here is another example of furniture, shelving, and lighting working in unison. This Seattle-area kitchen designed by Fivedot Design Build incorporates industrial-inspired lamps and stools that contrast perfectly with the rustic kitchen bench and Rakks Shelving System.

Photo/Design by Fivedot Design Build

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Quality Low Profile Floating Shelves Are Not a Myth

Rakks Aluminum Floating Shelves

Low profile floating shelves strong enough to hold books are a myth, right? Actually, Wrong. Many architects and designers have had bad experiences with these products, because they are simply not strong enough for books. Most low profile floating shelves that exist in the marketplace look good, but they have limited weight-bearing capacity. Engineering a quality shelf that fits securely on each wall stud is a real challenge for most manufacturers, but not for Rakks. Why is that? Because Rakks can drill custom holes to precisely fit the location and measurement of the wall studs.

Heavy Duty Floating ShelvesInstallation Profile of Rakks Floating Shelf  - Click Picture to Buy


Floating Shelves Strong Enough to Hold Books

It took the Rakks team years of development to get where we are with these floating shelves. Achieving contemporary style with the strength to hold 25 pounds per linear foot was the goal. Trial and error told us that low profile floating shelves that are strong enough to hold things like books are difficult to secure with dynamic stud spacing. This is why Rakks floating shelves can be ordered to fit exactly to the wall studs. All you have to do is specify the exact locations of the holes.

rakks floating shelfRakks Floating Shelves hold 25 pounds per linear foot of weight

Floating Shelf Ideas

Utilization of floating shelves within the space creates a myriad of possibilities (Nice article by HGTV).  Our shelves are engineered to play a supporting role in modern or contemporary spaces. These low profile shelves are not just for books. Artwork and glassware can also be confidently displayed on Rakks floating shelves. Nothing is worse than having a valuable object come crashing down to the floor. So is there such thing as quality  floating shelves that are equally as strong as they are beautiful? At Rakks there is.

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Rakks Shelving: A Perfect Fit in Queen Village Row Home

Queen Village Row Home with Rakks
Rakks Wall Mounted Standards with Rakks Brackets– Click above photo to share. Photo credit: Halkin Mason Photography is an extraordinary resource for designers and architects. As we were perusing the site, we came across two stunning Rakks installations in a Queen Village Row Home outside of Philadelphia. The home, remodeled by Rasmussen/Su Architects has a lively, modern feel making it a perfect fit for Rakks shelving.

The owners of this row home chose Ramussen/Su Architects to create a warm and open interior that complemented their collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture and the structure’s existing 19th-century detailing.  The architects employed a combination of custom cabinetry and Rakks to maximize storage and increase floorspace throughout the home, which was paramount given its extreme narrowness of 14 feet.

Queen Village Row Home with Rakks
Rakks Wall Mounted Standards with Rakks Brackets in office loft – Click above photo to share. Photo credit: Halkin Mason Photography

Kevin Rasmussen, of Rasmussen/Su says, “Rakks shelving provides a great contrast against the original details. Its minimalist look complements the new millwork. As modern as Rakks is, it is very adaptable.”

Rakks Wall Mounted Standards  and Rakks Shelf Support Brackets are made of extruded aluminum and have an attractive anodized finish. The substantial book collection shows that the form is not without function – Rakks handles the weight with style. Rakks Wall Mounted Standards were custom cut to maximize the open desk space and provide an overall feeling of openness while defining the office loft.

Photos courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

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Rakks Shelving Systems Seen in Metropolis Magazine

Jonathan Rose Rakks Shelving
Portrait by Brian W. Ferry for Metropolis Magazine – Click above photo to share

Every month we wait for our copy of Metropolis to arrive and this month was particularly fun as we opened up to a story on game-changer Jonathan F.P. Rose, an iconic developer in NYC, and on his office wall was a Rakks shelving system. According to Metropolis, Mr. Rose “combines a keen feel for the housing market with a genuine commitment to social justice, good urbanism and green building.”

The system in the photo is a Rakks wall mounted system with Rakks Brackets featuring smaller sized Rakks Brackets as bookends. Apparently Mr. Rose liked this system as much as we do. If you’d like to view this system in an installation video, you can do so here.

Rakks frequently advertises in Metropolis and we have two ads in the January issue. So when you pick up this issue or next month’s, hunt for Rakks! We are proud to have our shelving systems featured in the magazine and are proud to be associated with Mr. Rose.

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Architect Spotlight: Sachs Lindores

When the craft is mastered, there’s no limit to the direction. That’s why architect Kevin Lindores of the Brooklyn-based Sachs Lindores takes his cue from the client. Whatever the project – from designing the interior of a Miami Beach apartment to building a Rhode Island shingle-style house from the ground up – Sachs Lindores delivers. And with so many different projects, each with a unique ambiance, Kevin knows he can count on Rakks shelving’s minimalist design, easily customizable components, and variety of custom colors and finishes to easily adapt to any project.

Rhode Island Shingle Style House
Portsmouth, RI Shingle Style Home by Sachs Lindores – Click image above to share

Miami Beach Apartment by Sachs Lindores
Miami Beach Apartment by Sachs Lindores – Click image above to share

Kevin Lindores first met business partner Daniel Sachs in California, while working for Frank Gehry. Daniel had attended school for art and interior design while Kevin studied architecture. Realizing their compatibility and wide range of expertise, they partnered in 2000 as DS Design, then moved to Brooklyn in 2004 and founded Sachs Lindores. The firm, which has been featured in many national and international publications, specializes in interior design, decoration, new construction and renovation.

Sachs Lindores has used Rakks shelving in several residential projects. In a D.C. residential project, Rakks shelving supports a home office. Rakks is also featured in a recently completed NYC residential library, housing book collections.

Rakks office shelving
Rakks Wall Mounted Standards and Shelf Support Brackets with black anodized finishes – Click image above to share

Kevin shares, “Rakks has an institutional, straightforward look and feel. It is extremely durable and reasonably priced when it comes to architectural shelving. I can customize them in any way I need and choose colors accordingly, and it can all happen quite quickly. It is definitely the nicest architectural shelving out there regardless of the price.”

The duo is currently working on houses in the Hamptons, an artist studio in Connecticut and a pool house in New Jersey. Whatever the project entails, they count on Rakks shelving to support the look and feel of the space.

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Shelving From Boston
Lighting Designer's Loft Space

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had...

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