Rakks L Brackets Create Architecturally Inspired Spaces From Coast to Coast

Rakks L-Brackets help create stunning, architecturally inspired Rakks Shelving Systems that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces. How do they do it? The L-Bracket system (US Patent #7,506,852) attaches to PC2 poles with one 1/4″-20 screw. When used with 3/4″ thick shelves, the mounting hardware is literally hidden. This versatile system delivers unparalleled design flexibility, incomparable strength and substantial value to architects and design-savvy homeowners across the country. Rakks L-Brackets support wood, glass and aluminum shelves up to 24″ deep. In this blog, we showcase three spaces in which the designers have taken the L-Bracket to new heights.

Historic Brooklyn Brownstone Undergoes Architectural Transformation

Rakks Black PC2 Support Poles and Black L-Brackets contrast with stark, white walls to create a daring, yet refined aesthetic within this renovated 1851 Brooklyn brownstone. The living space’s high ceilings and large double hung windows retain the brownstone’s character, white the Rakks Shelving Systems make a dramatic vertical visual statement. Their strength is both literal and visual as they hold the homeowner’s substantial book collection while seamlessly blending with the original architectural details of the interior.

“Industrial shelving and mid-century furniture balance the ornate original details.” – Abruzzo Bodziak Architects

Design/Photograph by Abruzzo Bodziak Architects

San Francisco Flat Creating Vertical Space With L-Brackets

Floor-to-ceiling pole supported shelving makes a dramatic statement in this San Francisco flat with reinforced concrete walls, clearly an installation challenge for any wall mounted installation.

The flat is located in an apartment complex that was built in the 50’s. Rakks PC2 Compression Poles support six tiers of 1 1/2″ rift sawn white oak shelving using Rakks L-Brackets. The system is recessed and occupies an entire wall of the living space. The shelves were built and finished by Liz Dunning Design & Woodwork of Oakland. Because the shelves elegantly “sit” in the recessed space, they provide a seamless storage and display solution while maintaining the clean line of the wall. The added bonus is that the Rakks System also easily supports a flat screen TV for entertainment.

“The other neat aspect of this project was using the Rakks PC2 Pole System…instead of relying on the walls for support the owner opted on using the Rakks Pole System in which the standards are compressed tightly between the floor and ceiling.” – Liz Dunning Design & Woodwork

Design by Graham Design, Photograph by Liz Dunning Design & Woodwork

Boston Office Loft Uses Rakks L-Bracket System to Define Their “Versatile” Reception Area

Webster’s Dictionary defines versatile as “Having many uses or applications”. This office loft of a Boston design firm has shelving with enough versatility to easily display objects of varying size and plenty of storage space thanks to the Rakks Shelving System with L-Brackets. The system was custom configured to the unique specifications of the space.

This system occupies a modular wall in the open loft and separates the reception area from the conference room that overlooks Boston Harbor. The system was configured to the exact specifications of the customer who wanted a stylish and versatile storage system. Frosted glass doors and cabinets complete the look.

“The Rakks Shelving System added style and sophistication to our office loft reception area. Not only did it provide storage space, but it blended perfectly with the painted-brick walls and the exposed wooden beams and ceilings” – Cindy Laidlaw

Design/Photograph by Rakks

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Shelving From Boston Lighting Designer and Fabricator’s Dynamic Loft Space

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had an obsession with things that light up from an early age. Nicotera used Rakks Shelving to create one of the main lighting displays in his own living space. Even he admits it would be tough to guess just how many lights he used to create the look he wanted while renovating his loft.

“Lighting is important to me because it really effects the way I feel when I’m around it.“ – Lighting designer/fabricator Joey Nicotera

Loft lounge design/photograph courtesy of Joey Nicotera

This was an old candy bar factory (former home of Charleston Chew). They moved, and the hefty steel building with post and beam construction was renovated into residential lofts. This old industrial space allowed for a large, open area (825 sq. ft. with 11’ ceilings). Nicotera’s only limit was his imagination. This was the perfect blank canvas to create the look he wanted.

Highlighting the main entertainment portion of the loft, Nicotera built a computer-controlled LED light wall that lights up and changes color. Rakks Wall Mounted C-Standards with Rakks Brackets were then attached to the light wall, supporting seven tiers of glass shelving spans. HGTV featured Nicotera’s space on their “Look What I Did – Color Kinetics” episode, featured below.

“The thing [lounge] is half Vegas cocktail lounge, half space-aged bachelor pad…I’ve played the piano since I was five, now I have somewhere I can go and pretend that it’s a cocktail lounge.”

“Look What I Did – Color Kinetics” by HGTV featuring Joey Nicotera

The light wall is a grid comprised of some basic wood and plexiglass, with about 20 light fixtures tucked in that are all tied together. The light wall was constructed with pine cut to size, making 20”x17” squares. Then Nicotera routed the pine to accept the plexiglass paneling you see in the front and then drilled the hole through it to accept the wire that connects all the square fixtures together.

“Everything was laid out on the floor and was attached to the wall with standard wood screws. I can create random [lighting] effects, different colors and different speeds.”

Photograph by Josh Reynolds, AP

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Stylish Display Shelving Units for Retail and Residential Spaces

Functional and stylish display shelving systems deliver huge impacts not only in retail environments but also in the home. In this blog we detail three spaces with extreme attention to display strategy. Our first featured space is from one of Portland, Oregon’s hottest retail shops, CANOE. The second featured installation is a thoughtful home office space from the Boston area. Finally, we feature an eclectic pantry from Seattle with plenty of display storage space by Richard Landon Design.

Highlighting a Modern Approach to Portland’s Retail Experience

Located in the vibrant West End of Portland, Oregon, CANOE sets the standard for timeless yet functional objets d’art. Similarly to their mission of transcending short-term trends, CANOE utilizes Rakks Brackets and Standards, providing timeless styling and maximum merchandise visibility. CANOE designed displays using Rakks Brackets with “C” Style Standards. Unlike many retail shops, they don’t set up elaborate vignettes or crowd the products – they favor a very clean, uncluttered approach that lets the products speak for themselves. Be sure to visit CANOE whenever you’re in “Bridgetown”, or visit their online shop.

“Rakks Shelving Systems are well suited to our approach, as they are very understated and don’t take the focus away from the products. Additionally, their quiet aesthetic blends in well with our interior design. Their versatility, especially the ability to use different shelves is a plus – we can use glass shelves for fine glass items or use wood shelves for heavier, more substantial pieces.” – Craig Olson, Co-owner, CANOE

CANOEDesign/Photograph courtesy of CANOE

Custom Living Room Shelving System Provides Nominal Value

This Boston area home owned by Camilla, founder of Eastcoast Scandinavian – a DIY blog featuring spaces from all over the country, includes a living room wall with over 40 feet of sturdy shelving space in a compact area. Utilizing Rakks Brackets and Standards with oak planks from a local supplier (Anderson Mcquaid), Camilla created a custom display shelving system.

“The planks are 12″ wide and 5 quarters thick. They are 11 ft long…bought at a well-stocked lumberyard in Cambridge, MA.” – Eastcoast Scandinavian

DisplayShelvingSpace Design/Photograph by Eastcoast Scandinavian

Camilla also designed a home office for her husband using a Rakks Shelving System. In this case, Camilla and her father used oak planks from Home Depot as shelving spans and IKEA butcher blocks as the desk surface for her husband’s home office. The butcher blocks are supported by Rakks T-Style Brackets, used to support work-surfaces from 20″-24” deep – they are reinforced for added strength and are rated at 120 lbs per bracket.

Space Design/Photograph by Eastcoast Scandinavian

Seattle Pantry Focuses on Maximization of Storage Space

Richard Landon Design designed a “working pantry” to accommodate the varying amount family and guests for a clients home. The exquisite woodwork, highlighted by the arched drawer pullouts, suggest storage is incredibly important in the pantry. White wall mounted standards are installed on full-tiled walls, providing plenty of hearty storage space for large kitchenware. Rakks Standards hold matching white Rakks Brackets to support the four tiers of shelving spans.

“Combined with open Rakks Shelving and full-tiled walls, this pantry really works hard!” – Richard Landon Design

Space Designed by Richard Landon Design, Photograph by Northlight Photography

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Rakks Wall Mounted and Pole Supported Glass Shelving Amplifies Minimalist Design

Wall Mounted Glass Shelving Achieves Free-floating Aesthetic

Glass shelving creates a compelling setting to display objects in a free-floating, minimalist fashion. Brackets mounted on Rakks Wall Mounted Standards support glass shelving that displays objects in the N.W. Barrett Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The challenge in this installation was to accommodate the anticipated weight of the handcrafted pottery on the 1/4″ thick glass shelves. The Rakks Brackets and Standards pictured below allow unobstructed views of the art by maintaining a low profile.

“N.W. Barrett Gallery was established in 1985 to show quality handmade crafts. Several hundred artists are represented in various mediums, including fine gems and high karat gold.” – N.W. Barrett Gallery

WallMountedGlassShelvesWall Mounted Shelving – N.W. Barrett Gallery, 53 Market St. Portsmouth, NH

Rakks Shelf Stiffener Accommodates Wide Spans

The display in the photo below is in Pearl River Mart, located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The display features glass shelves spanning nearly four feet, securely supported by Rakks Brackets with integrated shelf stiffener bars. The advantage of using shelf stiffeners is to provide support under the glass shelves to accommodate longer spans and greater weight capacity. Over a long span, the stiffened glass shelves allow more versatility to display merchandise. They also maximize the visual appeal of the exposed brick wall’s surface.

GlassShelvingRakksPearl River Mart – SoHo, NY – Design/Photograph by TRA Studio

Sophisticated Glass Shelving With Rakks Aria Brackets

A favorite of merchandisers and residential customers nationwide – Rakks Aria Brackets are a two-piece aluminum shelf bracket. The Aria Bracket can support a variety of glass thicknesses and support shelves up to 12” deep. Aria brackets are available in clear and black anodized aluminum. Two design configurations (5″ matching top-and-bottom or 5″ bottom with available hold-down) are secured with color matched set screws.

GlassShelvingBracketsEstelle’s Dressy Dresses, Farmingdale, NY – Design by Delaney Enos Associates

Rakks Aria Bracket Installation Video

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Living Room Shelf Design From Three Coasts

Living rooms incorporate shelving units that articulate the need for stylish storage solutions. Each of these three spaces incorporate Rakks Shelving that plays a supporting role in storing books, vinyl records and picture frames. The first residence has a tremendous minimalist living room overlooking a Maine hillside that is opposite to Frenchman Bay and Acadia National Park. Next we detail a family room from the Gulf Coast in New Orleans. Lastly, a seaside living room adjacent to Downtown Seattle.

Maine Living Room Uses Rakks Shelving to Enhance Minimalism

Staying with a modern, minimalist theme while using traditional New England building elements (such as white cedar shingles on the exterior), Peacock Builders of Bar Harbor was able to create this alluring living room. Acting as a bookshelf, the shelves are supported by Rakks Style Brackets, allowing ample storage space in the living room. Books and art objects are proudly displayed on the shelving system, allowing enough space for the rest of the room to open up to the outdoors.

“This was our second project using Rakks shelving. It was the perfect fit for the aesthetics of the job, simple to install and appropriate to the budget.” – Peacock Builders

Design by Peacock Builders, Photograph by Sandy Agrafiotis

New Orleans Residence Piles Books Floor-to-Ceiling With Rakks

This Gulf Coast living room has a cozy corner at ground level. Eight levels of Rakks Brackets hold custom shelves that frame an entertainment system. The dark shelving combined with warm, dark-wooden flooring and a brown leather chair help combine contemporary and mid-century elements to make a stunning statement from floor-to-ceiling.

Design by studioWTA, Photograph by Sarah Essex Bradley

Seattle “Stair House” Living Room Overlooks Downtown

This Pacific Coast living room overlooks Lake Washington’s Lacey V Murrow Bridge and Downtown Seattle. In this instance, when combined with floor-to-ceiling views, the Rakks Aluminum Shelves bring the focus of the room up and outwards towards the fantastic panorama. Rakks Brackets and Shelves play to the spaces strengths – clean lines and modern styling.

Design/Photograph by David Coleman / Architecture

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Shelving From Boston
Lighting Designer's Loft Space

Boston-area lighting designer and fabricator Joey Nicotera’s loft needed to reflect his imagination. This is no small task for someone who has had...

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