El Paso’s Supplement Xpress Teams Up With Rakks.

Supplement Xpress Rakks Retail Shelving

Located in El Paso Texas, Supplement Xpress opened in 1999. There are 6 locations in and around El Paso with more coming soon.

Founder & President, Marcus Soto shares a fascinating story. “I always loved working out, and I knew someone that owned a supplement store. He gave me some advice on how to start my own business in June 1999.” He continues, “The first location couldn’t be considered a retail location. We were in a flex office/warehouse with a “showroom.” People caught on, and I hired a sales person, Supplement Xpress gained recognition and momentum, so we began opening locations. We have six shops now and one more coming soon.

After years of getting knocked around trying to find a good operations system and great employees to execute the op-system, we are finally there. Our goal is to break the many stereotypes surrounding supplements and improve the quality of life in our city. I want to sell the best products available.”


Bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, boxers and fitness conscious adults with a range of fitness goals are our regular customers.

Each Supplement Xpress store reflects a unique design concept. Management teams are encouraged to share their ideas regarding merchandise display and product accessibility with SX headquarters. Managers interact with customers daily, by requesting feedback on their shopping experience, merchandise displays, and general customer satisfaction. After reviewing the provided feedback and suggestions, the creative team creates promotional sales material and signage and distributes these marketing materials for the selling floors.

Supplement Xpress Rakks Retail Shelving

So what’s the connection with Rakks?

Brand development manager, Stephen Davis, found Rakks thanks to Google. The versatility, ease of installation and clean lines of the Rakks system impressed him. And the look was different from what he saw other retailers using. He hadn’t seen anything like it before. And he liked it.

Enter Keith Enté, Product and Marketing Manager at Rakks.

“At the beginning of 2012, I began working with Stephen Davis,” Keith explains. “Steven called me. He liked our products and wanted to use them in Supplement Xpress. I worked closely with him to design a custom application for the stores. Stephen determined how much space he had designated to Rakks displays. He wanted the perimeter of the retail space to have dynamic signage and referenced our Dental Divider Panel photo.

Stephen asked if we could create this configuration for signage, and I said “Yes”. The Supplement Xpress signage incorporates the use of structural panel framing channels and AB-PC2 Bolt-on Brackets to support the framing channels. This system design accommodates easy updates of existing signage or the addition of new signage.


Next Stephen provided me with dimensions of the store, including ceiling heights, and we discussed his vision for the selling floor. I have a professional design background, and Stephen was channeling the vision of founder Marcus Soto. We worked well together. The result is custom display shelving systems that are flexible, and contemporary with clean lines and maximum visibility for product display. Rakks in-house manufacturing team delivered the system on time and met the schedule. To date, they still call for additional products to add more shelving to their arsenal of displays. The initial purchase was for three stores. We look forward to contributing to Supplement Xpress future stores, and to their success.

Supplement Xpress Rakks Retail Shelving

Most shelving configurations consist of the Rakks PC2 poles (1-1/2” x 1-1/2”) in Clear Anodized aluminum with 16” Rakks L Brackets (BL-16C). Because there are high ceilings, the poles are tied back to the wall for easy access and stability. The use of BL Brackets keeps the poles at the sides of the display allowing maximum product visibility. With the addition of Rakks aluminum shelving, the product shines, and seamlessly blends with the brackets and poles.

Supplement Xpress Rakks Retail Shelving

The Supplement Xpress signage incorporates the use of structural panel framing channels and AB-PC2 Bolt on brackets to support the framing channels and allows for easy updates of signage and new signage.

Supplement Xpress Rakks Retail Shelving

Note: Some of these photos have combinations of display products other than Rakks. The Poles/display with fineal-balls that look like chain link fencing is NOT Rakks

Rakks encourages customers interested in retail store design to contact us. We will inquire about floorplan dimensions, preferences of finish, (clear anodized, black anodized or white powder coat) and the “feel” of their store. We can also discuss the number of shelves they want and the depth of those shelves. We offer consultation on adding other Rakks system components to the store design.

Visit the Rakks corporate website and Rakks Store to learn more

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Meet Jenny Rossignuolo: An Aussie with an eye for design.

Jenny Rossignuolo

Interior Designer Jenny Rossignuolo of Urban Source

Urban Source is a walk-in design showroom in Chicago that is open to the trade and the public. It is often referred to as “a candy store for your home”. Adults who are interested in home design and decor react with delight akin to children in Willy Wonka’s psychedelic candy factory when they enter.

Co-Founder Jenny Rossignuolo, an interior designer from Australia, relocated to her husband’s home town of Chicago in 2000. She runs the bright, sleek, inviting studio where hip, modern, high-energy wallpaper and fabric samples hang on the walls. Customers can browse and shop, mix and match palettes and patterns to their hearts’ delight. The staff is always available to answer questions or provide design assistance. 

The studio has a “chic cool” vibe. With an ever-changing collection of contemporary fabrics and wallpapers, architecturally-inspired window treatments, custom pillows and top-notch upholstery services, customers are encouraged to unleash their creativity while shopping.

At this point, you might be wondering, “So what’s the connection with Rakks?” The answer is Jenny. A few years ago she came across Rakks while thumbing through Dwell Magazine and added the page to her resource library.

Last year she was designing a client’s loft kitchen and needed to finish off an under-used but prominent part of the space. Back to her resource guide she went and came across the Rakks tear sheet. That was it; she found her solution.

Kitchen installation with Rakks M-Standards

Her design included two Rakks M-Standards with four glass shelves. When asked what drew her to Rakks, she says, ” I love the simplicity of the design, the clean aesthetic, and the high-end look. I think the product is also very well-priced, and the fast turn-around time frame for delivery was fantastic!

We consider it the highest compliment when a designer uses Rakks on a project and in their home. Jenny did just that. She designed her large appliance cabinet with M-Standards and Rakks aluminum shelves. It’s no secret that M Standards work with many shelving materials including glass, wood, and Rakks Aluminum shelves. Although Rakks does not manufacture glass and wood shelves, we can accommodate custom orders with local third party suppliers.


Jenny’s home appliance cabinet opened


Jenny’s home appliance cabinet closed


Rakks M-Standards and aluminum shelves

Are there more Rakks projects in Jenny’s future? Yes. She is currently working on a friend’s kitchen design using her go-to combination of Rakks M-Standards with aluminum shelves. “I am also toying with the Rakks poles for a room divider on a commercial project I just started working on,” says Jenny.

We’re ready and waiting to help in any way we can. Thank you, Jenny!

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Glass Shelves Added to An Impressive Found Object

Found Object with Glass Shelves

A found object creation ‘Bilbao’ by Sebastian Errazuriz. 

The use of found objects in design and architecture has become a major trend amongst designers. We came across this article on Contemporist about a beautiful found object bookshelf with glass shelves.

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz was strolling along a street in Santiago, Chile, when a massive fallen tee branch caught his eye. He hauled the branch back to his workshop and turned the found object into a beautiful bookshelf by adding glass shelves.

See more pictures of this stunning creation here!

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Happy New Year!


Illustration by Keith Ente

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


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Talk About Karma

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique - Exterior

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique – Exterior

Marcela Hughes is a Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach and owner of Marcela’s Yoga Boutique Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. The shop is delightfully warm and inviting. Merchandise ranges from yoga-inspired art and essentials to exotic teas that nourish the mind, body and soul. It is not surprising Marcela also believes in the power of Karma.

When Marcela undertook the renovation of her shop, she anticipated challenges due to the age of the building, and it’s location in the historic district of Old Town Alexandria, VA. She consulted the local Small Business Development Center for advice about hiring an architect. They recommended Bridget Gaddis.

Front Room


Bridget is a Licensed Architect and LEED-Certified Professional practicing nationally, and locally in the Washington DC area. Bridget holds professional degrees in both Architecture and Interior Design. The ironic part of the story is the fact that Briget’s office is located directly – yes directly – across the street from the yoga studio. Clearly this collaboration was meant to be.

Merchandise Display

Merchandise Display

The women soon discovered they worked well together. “At the beginning of the process, Marcela had a vision that centered around the lotus flower,” says Bridget. “It is the key visual element of the studio’s logo, and I found it inspiring. I liked the fluid water element inherent in the Lotus environment,so I incorporated curved glass shelves supported by Rakks Style Shelf Support Brackets on D Style Standards as a feature in the shop. Rakks also supplied the custom glass shelves. There is a mystique attached to the idea of yoga, and one way of visually representing the calm is with open space – not so easy in a tiny shop. By merchandising mainly the walls we were able to define site lines that terminate in beautiful merchandise displays and at the same time maintain the “karma” of open space.”

Rakks Brackets and Wall Mounted Standards

Rakks Brackets and D-Style Wall Mounted Standards

The linear quality of Rakks Brackets, PC2, and PD6 pole supported shelving, and Rakks wall mounted standards create a visual rhythm in the space. In addition, to the wall mounted shelves on “D” standards, the dramatic wood shelf – with the shape of the tree still in its profile – is supported by Rakks counter support brackets.

The project took about four months to complete. The structure is old, and the exterior walls are plaster directly on furred out brick. The walls were totally out of plumb, to the extent that the contractor had to build a drywall stand out in front of the existing wall to use the wall mounted Rakks standards. An additional benefit of the Rakks poles is that they do not rely on the walls for their support.

Display Area and Studio Space

Display Area and Studio Space

Thank you to Marcela and Bridget for sharing your story with our readers and Teel Construction for their impeccable installation of Rakks.

Contact information:

Marcela’s Yoga Boutique
317 Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 571-290-5026

Bridget Gaddis, AIA, Leed AP
424 S. Washington St. Ste. 3A
Alexandria, VA 22314
Office Phone: 973-701-8800
Cell: 973-610-0238

Teel Construction
768 Walker Rd.
Great Falls, VA 22066
Phone: (703) 759-4754
Email: info@teelconstruction.com

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Veil and the Vault: The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

Throughout history, architecture has always been a source of inspiration. From the initial design process through the completion of a project, architecture “groupies” watch with anticipation, as an architect’s vision becomes a reality.

Read more





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