NEW! Rakks Fixed Floating Shelves: Sleek and Strong

by Rakks | August 17th, 2012

Floating Shelves

Who needs a magic carpet when you have Rakks Fixed Floating Shelves? Our newest aluminum shelves are a rare combination of sleek design and strength. With no visible brackets or supports, these shelves (and anything on them) really do appear as light as a feather.

Able to support up to 25 pounds per linear foot, these brushed aluminum shelves are strong enough to support anything: merchandise, art or even books! Our floating shelves extend 8 ½ inches from the wall, providing plenty of space to display a wide variety of objects.

As you can see in the illustration above, the floating shelves’ ability to, well, “float” is due to its minimalist design. The shelves are screwed directly into the wall studs, using pre-drilled, counter-sunk mounting holes. During the ordering process, you can either specify holes drilled at the standard 16” centers or at custom centers, depending on the construction of your space. Custom finishes are also available.

The floating shelves are available in lengths ranging from 2’ to 8′-2″ (though custom lengths are also available). Splines may also be purchased to connect multiple shelves, giving you infinite possibilities in terms of shelf length. Most orders ship within 24 hours by UPS.

Floating Books

We at Rakks are excited to bring you this new product. We know that it will help you take your design to the next level. Have fun, and let your imagination float away!

Remember, Rakks Floating Shelves must be secured into studs or blocking, and cannot be used in conjunction with wall anchors.

For additional installation information, check out this installation sheet.

To purchase Rakks Fixed Floating Aluminum Shelves, go to the Store.

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