Sleek, Modern Addition Featuring Rakks Shelving from 1100 Architect

by Rakks | October 10th, 2011

Children’s Library Discovery Center
Photo from 1100 Architect, ©Michael Moran

Longtime specifier of Rakks, 1100 Architect recently selected our shelving systems for the Queens Central Library, Children’s Library Discovery Center in Jamaica, NY. Opened on September 15th, 2011, this two story addition to the original Queens Library features fun colors, comfortable seating areas, an interactive multi-media wall and much more.

Rakks E Standards, Brackets and Aluminum Shelving
For the building’s exterior, 1100 Architects featured a monochromatic, reflective tile pattern giving the addition a modern feel. That same innovative, playful spirit is encapsulated with the interior design. Used in several perimeter alcove locations, recessed “E” style wall standards and heavy duty Rakks Style brackets support 10″ deep extruded aluminum shelves configured from SA-04 and SA-06 sections. The shelves, cut to order from 12-foot sections, are joined end-to-end in near seamless connection to provide both functional storage and a dramatic horizontal design element to the project.

Queen Cental Library Addition
Photo (right) from 1100 Architect, ©Michael Moran

Read more about this fantastic New York addition and other Big Apple buildings that are turning heads in the New York Times Art and Design section.

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