Rakks Shelving in Modern Ras-a Marina Del Rey Renovation

by Rakks | November 29th, 2012

Ras-a in Marina Del Rey

While Rakks shelving has been used in retail, museum and university settings, Rakks products are right at home in the home as well. In fact, Rakks was incorporated into a recent modern renovation of a cookie cutter house in Marina Del Rey, California. The project was completed by Redondo Beach design-build firm Ras-a Inc., which specializes in designs which positively impact the surrounding community and environment.

The home’s owner, Joe Borst, wanted more space and an open floor plan in the building, and gave Ras-a free creative license within his budget. The result was a modern eco-friendly home with a floor plan that maximizes every inch of the 1,200 square foot structure. Walls were taken down and rooms moved to opposite sides of the house. Robert Sweet of Ras-a talked Borst into dropping a bedroom (from 3 to 2) to give the firm more space to work with. They were able to use the hospitable southern California climate to their advantage; saving even more space by locating the main dining room to an outdoor deck.

The minimalist living area is where Rakks shelving was incorporated. Rakks shelves were combined with custom-built cabinets to create a TV and desk console, which fit perfectly with the open floor plan by doubling as a room divider.

Rakks in Living Area

Skylights were installed to maximize natural lighting in all rooms. The house is low-maintenance and perfect for entertaining large groups of people. This project shows that quality trumps quantity when it comes to living space design.

Rakks as Room Divider

For more photos of the design process, click here.

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