Shelving Made In America

by Rakks | May 4th, 2011

Rakks Shelving and Wall Mounted Standards - Made In America
At Rakks, we take great pride in the beautiful, functional design of our products as well as the fact that for the past forty years (since the company was founded), our manufacturing has taken place right here in the USA.

In early spring, ABC News launched a series, Made in America, highlighting the dramatic rise in the purchase of foreign goods and the lack of U.S. businesses producing viable products for consumers to buy. Instead of buying nearly 90% American-made as U.S. consumers did fifty years ago, today it is estimated that over 50% of all goods purchased are made overseas.

In fact, most Americans do not realize the amount of foreign goods in their homes.

Our shelving systems, counter brackets, shelf support brackets and architectural specialty products are examples of high quality America-made products. We purchase our raw materials in the U.S., employ capable highly skilled local workers and manufacture products that are known and sold worldwide. For years, architects and designers have understood that Rakks stands for superior, inspired design with the strongest commitment to customer service.

Rakks Shelving, Counter Brackets, Shelf Brackets and More - Made In America

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