Living Room Shelf Design From Three Coasts

by Rakks | March 20th, 2014

Living rooms incorporate shelving units that articulate the need for stylish storage solutions. Each of these three spaces incorporate Rakks Shelving that plays a supporting role in storing books, vinyl records and picture frames. The first residence has a tremendous minimalist living room overlooking a Maine hillside that is opposite to Frenchman Bay and Acadia National Park. Next we detail a family room from the Gulf Coast in New Orleans. Lastly, a seaside living room adjacent to Downtown Seattle.

Maine Living Room Uses Rakks Shelving to Enhance Minimalism

Staying with a modern, minimalist theme while using traditional New England building elements (such as white cedar shingles on the exterior), Peacock Builders of Bar Harbor was able to create this alluring living room. Acting as a bookshelf, the shelves are supported by Rakks Style Brackets, allowing ample storage space in the living room. Books and art objects are proudly displayed on the shelving system, allowing enough space for the rest of the room to open up to the outdoors.

“This was our second project using Rakks shelving. It was the perfect fit for the aesthetics of the job, simple to install and appropriate to the budget.” – Peacock Builders

Design by Peacock Builders, Photograph by Sandy Agrafiotis

New Orleans Residence Piles Books Floor-to-Ceiling With Rakks

This Gulf Coast living room has a cozy corner at ground level. Eight levels of Rakks Brackets hold custom shelves that frame an entertainment system. The dark shelving combined with warm, dark-wooden flooring and a brown leather chair help combine contemporary and mid-century elements to make a stunning statement from floor-to-ceiling.

Design by studioWTA, Photograph by Sarah Essex Bradley

Seattle “Stair House” Living Room Overlooks Downtown

This Pacific Coast living room overlooks Lake Washington’s Lacey V Murrow Bridge and Downtown Seattle. In this instance, when combined with floor-to-ceiling views, the Rakks Aluminum Shelves bring the focus of the room up and outwards towards the fantastic panorama. Rakks Brackets and Shelves play to the spaces strengths – clean lines and modern styling.

Design/Photograph by David Coleman / Architecture


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