Rakks Style Spy: Dwell’s Manhattan Transformation

by Rakks | November 22nd, 2010

Rakks Style Spy - Downsized Living Spaces from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture on Dwell

At Rakks, we’re always looking for new trends in design and architecture. Downsized living spaces have been the big topic for 2010. In Manhattan, these cozy accommodations are nothing new but urban dwellers are still finding beautiful, space-maximizing design ideas to make the most of their homes, apartments and condos.

This week, it is Dwell’s Manhattan Transformation. Michael Pozner, head of retail development and legal counsel leasing for American Apparel, looked to Darrick Borowski of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture to revamp his home. As someone who prefers to work from home, Pozner wanted his 500sq-ft space in Greenwich Village to be both functional and comfortable, meeting both living and working needs.

His new space offers:

  • Clean furniture lines and wall space that open small hallways and rooms
  • High ceilings for unlimited storage space
  • A new take on traditional set-ups – compact washer and dryer fit perfectly into free vertical kitchen space
  • Functional furniture with extra storage space reduces visible clutter
  • Built-in lighting that highlights counter space and brings focus to everything available in the room
  • Multiple uses for everything – stairs are drawers
  • Simple, movable room dividers like roller shades offer privacy or can be put away to achieve a continuous, streamlined space

Stay tuned for more innovative finds from the Rakks Style Spy!

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