Incorporating Rustic and Industrial Design Elements

by Rakks | February 21st, 2014

Incorporating industrial and rustic elements into a space requires the furniture, shelving and lighting to harmonize within the space. This photograph of a Brooklyn loft (Christopher A. Dorsey) perfectly demonstrates balancing these design elements. Featured on Houzz, this loft designed by Alina Preciado incorporated a Pole Supported Rakks Shelving System. This system adds verticality to the space and works well with the industrially-inspired lighting and hanging trapeze bar. The leather couch pillows balance the industrial feel, and three Dar Gitane metal tables provide a heavy, gilded-aged look.

Photo by Christopher A. Dorsey 

Incorporating Industrial Ideas Into Contemporary Spaces

Below is a photograph detailing the transformation of an office within a rustic three-bedroom duplex in Harlem designed by Mabbott Seidel Architecture. This is a more contemporary space: but it uses industrial ideas like open shelving (Rakks Brackets) to better represent a working office space. Industrial elements like this distinguish spaces throughout the home.

Photo by Ofer Wolberger 

“They’re the “C” profile standard and typical Rakks shelving bracket. You can make strong, and reasonably-priced shelves from cutting down sheets of 3/4″ birch plywood.” – Mabbott Seidel Architecture

Blending Rustic and Industrial With Wood and Metal Elements

This Boston-area residence by InTAdesign incorporates a hybrid bookshelf system that blends nineteenth-century wooden boards reclaimed from the house with anodized aluminum components. Hanging open lighting helps connect the bottom and top of the space. Combining the wood and metal elements in the post and beam system perfectly completes the balance between rustic and industrial design execution.

Industrial Design Elements
Space Designed by InTAdesign

How Lighting Plays Into the Industrial Equation

Here is another example of furniture, shelving, and lighting working in unison. This Seattle-area kitchen designed by Fivedot Design Build incorporates industrial-inspired lamps and stools that contrast perfectly with the rustic kitchen bench and Rakks Shelving System.

Photo/Design by Fivedot Design Build 

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