Excellent Article from Inhabitat.com, Ice Architecture: 6 Incredible Buildings Made From Ice and Snow

by Rakks | March 11th, 2015

Rakks is located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. During this record breaking winter filled with ice and snow, we haven’t lost our thirst for interesting architecture. When we saw this article on Inhabitat.com from 2010, we had to share what we consider inspiring structures made from ice and snow.

Unique examples include the Hotel De Glace located in Quebec City where guests got cozy in architecturally unique ice rooms and IceHotel in Sweden. In the IceHotel, an electric blue lighting scheme was achieved by cutting grooves into the ice, inserting energy efficient EL wire and then icing the wire to keep it in place. The “Legacy Of The River” suite, was part of a campaign to launch a new line of illuminated furniture and products.

Creative architecture never goes out of style. Read more about Hotel De Glace and other cool places on inhabitat.com.

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