Rakks Adds Style and Sophistication
to Hong Kong Haberdashery

by Rakks | October 16th, 2014


The Armoury is a meticulously designed and refined international men’s haberdashery with two locations in central Hong Kong and one in New York City. The stores were established by Alan See, Ethan Newton, and Mark Cho in 2010. The trio shares a passion for classic men’s style. For their Armoury shops, they source products from the world’s most esteemed makers of traditional menswear made with the highest level of integrity and quality.

The architectural team of Greg Yang and Katherine Wong oversaw the design of the shops. For maximum merchandise visibility from floor to ceiling, they combined PC2 poles, L-Bracket shelf supports, J-Hangbars, and Tie Brackets. As part of the overall concept, Yang and Wong incorporated locally supplied custom walnut cabinets and shelves into the Rakks system. The final installation provided an ideal environment for high-quality merchandise to be displayed.


Rakks applauds the creativity and passion of individuals like Armoury’s founders and the talented architectural team. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing founder Mark Cho, who we thank for his time and insights.

1 – Can you tell us about your background?
I grew up in London and have always loved clothes. I used to work in real estate but about 5 years ago, I gave that up and went into clothing, starting with opening The Armoury with Alan See.

2 – How did you discover Rakks?
Rakks was recommended by my architects, Greg Yang and Katherine Wong. Greg has used it before so I trusted his recommendation. We used a bit of it for our shop in NYC but the Hong Kong shops are the best implementation so far.

3 – Can you tell us about The Armoury?
The Armoury specializes in classic men’s clothes. We curate beautifully crafted products from around the world. We go a step further by flying in tailors, shoemakers and shirtmakers to meet our customers in person and take their custom orders.

4 – Why did you think Rakks was a good fit for The Armoury?
Very versatile! Our shop layout is always changing and Rakks keeps up.

5 – Do you have plans to use Rakks in the future?
Yes, though I think it always needs to be customized to get the best out of it in a retail context.

If you are traveling to NYC or Hong Kong in the future, visit The Armoury. If not, you can peruse their on-line store at http://www.thearmourystore.com/us/.

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