Helping Architectural Visions Become a Reality

by Rakks | April 15th, 2011

Inspiring Words from Rangine Corporation President David Greenberg
Rakks Shelving at Conde Nast office from archtiects Ted Moudis Associates
Joining in the AIA National Architecture Week 2011’s mission to elevate the public’s appreciation of design, David Greenberg shares his thoughts on the impact of shelving within the broader scheme of an architect or designer’s vision.

“The Rakks aesthetic is understated and modern, with sleek lines, minimal profiles and subtle finishes. First and foremost, our products are functional, but they are designed to support and complement the vision of the designer, not compete with it. We truly live by our tagline, that we are in ‘supporting roles everywhere.’

“The use of shelving in a project introduces both horizontal and vertical elements into the design. How the shelving is integrated into the space, the types of materials and finishes that are selected, how the objects are displayed and the way they are illuminated are details meticulously planned by the architect to achieve a beautiful and harmonious end result. It’s a privilege to help those visions become reality.”

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