Quality Low Profile Floating Shelves Are Not a Myth

by Rakks | February 12th, 2014

Rakks Aluminum Floating Shelves

Low profile floating shelves strong enough to hold books are a myth, right? Actually, Wrong. Many architects and designers have had bad experiences with these products, because they are simply not strong enough for books. Most low profile floating shelves that exist in the marketplace look good, but they have limited weight-bearing capacity. Engineering a quality shelf that fits securely on each wall stud is a real challenge for most manufacturers, but not for Rakks. Why is that? Because Rakks can drill custom holes to precisely fit the location and measurement of the wall studs.

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Floating Shelves Strong Enough to Hold Books

It took the Rakks team years of development to get where we are with these floating shelves. Achieving contemporary style with the strength to hold 25 pounds per linear foot was the goal. Trial and error told us that low profile floating shelves that are strong enough to hold things like books are difficult to secure with dynamic stud spacing. This is why Rakks floating shelves can be ordered to fit exactly to the wall studs. All you have to do is specify the exact locations of the holes.

rakks floating shelfRakks Floating Shelves hold 25 pounds per linear foot of weight

Floating Shelf Ideas

Utilization of floating shelves within the space creates a myriad of possibilities (Nice article by HGTV).  Our shelves are engineered to play a supporting role in modern or contemporary spaces. These low profile shelves are not just for books. Artwork and glassware can also be confidently displayed on Rakks floating shelves. Nothing is worse than having a valuable object come crashing down to the floor. So is there such thing as quality  floating shelves that are equally as strong as they are beautiful? At Rakks there is.

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