Friend of Rakks: Fashion Photographer Sebastian Kim

by Rakks | January 21st, 2013

Sebastian Kim - Fashion Photographer

At Rakks we love getting updates from owners of our shelving products and seeing how they are using the various setups in their homes, studios, offices and labs all around the world. It’s fun to see where they are and it really inspires us to see Rakks used in so many creative ways.

One proud Rakks owner is world-renowned fashion and portrait photographer Sebastian Kim. Named one of the “50 Greatest Fashion Photographers Right Now” by Complex Magazine, Kim has published work in such headliner mags as Vogue, Muse and GQ. His impressive list of celebrity portraits spans from Woody Allen to Emma Stone. See his celebrity portraits, here.

Sebastian Kim Fashion Photo in German Vogue
Sebastian Kim in German Vogue

With his work in so many different publications, it’s no surprise that Kim has enough magazines and books to rival a small library. Needing a convenient yet modernly attractive way to display them in his studio, Kim chose a Rakks aluminum shelving system with support poles.

Rakks Shelving in Sebastian Kim Studio

“I started out on one side of the wall to house my large magazine collection about three years ago,” says Kim. “Now it’s pretty full and I’ve expanded to the other side of my closet wall to house my book collection. Hopefully that will last me a while but it’s filling up quickly.”

Rakks Shelving in Sebastian Kim Studio

This wasn’t the first time Kim had heard about Rakks. “I actually started out with Rakks at home. I have a nice custom unit that was inspired by old George Nelson shelving unit. I’ve had it for about eight years, and still love it.”

Rakks Shelving in Sebastian Kim Home

We love working with Sebastian, and we’re excited to see what he will do with Rakks in the future!

See more photography by Sebastian Kim on his website.

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