Rakks in Higher Education

Rakks Academic Shelving
Check out some of the colleges and universities from coast-to-coast that have used Rakks shelving to “support” their academic efforts!

A University of Washington – Seattle, WA
B University of California San Diego (UCSD) – La Jolla, CA
C University of New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM
D University of Colorado – Boulder, CO
E Texas Tech – Lubbock, TX
F Oklahoma State University – Stillwater, OK
G University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
H University of Chicago – Chicago, IL
I University of Notre Dame – South Bend, IN
J University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
K Kent State – Kent, OH
L Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN
M Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
N Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
O University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL
P University of North Carolina – Pembroke, NC
Q Howard University – Washington D.C.
R University of Delaware – Newark, DE
S Penn State University – University Park, PA
T Princeton University – Princeton, NJ
U Syracuse University – Syracuse, NY
V New York University – New York City, NY
W Brown University – Providence, RI
X Harvard University – Cambridge, MA
Y Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH
Z Bowdoin College – Brunswick, ME
1 University of Puget Sound – Spokane, WA
2 University of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
3 Pepperdine University – Malibu, CA
4 Le Tourneau University – Longview, TX
5 University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN

Proudly Carrying John F. Kennedy’s Legacy

Rakks Shelving at the Sixth Floor JFK Reading Room

Constructed in 1901, the red brick building on the corner of Houston and Elm Street, known as the Texas School Book Depository became the focal point of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Evidence found showed the shots that killed the President were fired from the sixth floor. On President’s Day 1989, The Sixth Floor Museum opened on its namesake floor as a response to the many visitors who flock to Dealey Square to learn more about the assassination. Visitors travel back in time in two key evidentiary areas which have been carefully restored to their 1963 appearance. The Museum contains thought provoking exhibits and photographs, a reading/research room and a store and café. Rakks anodized aluminum shelving is configured to display merchandise in the Museum store and is also used in the Reading Room to house the museum’s iconic book collection.

The café and store designed by Manask & Associates are the most recent additions to the museum, opening in early summer 2010, and feature an array of books and collectibles. Joining a long list of notable museums that have turned to Rakks including MoMA and The Senator John Heinz History Center, The Sixth Floor Museum Store takes full advantage of Rakks architecturally savvy product line. Rakks shelving systems are used for the display of apparel, accessories and memorabilia in the store and Rakks glass and aluminum shelving compliment the open, loft-style space created by Corgan Associates. In the Reading Room, countless JFK books, magazines, newspapers, and videos fill Rakks aluminum shelving, the elegant lines of the shelves allowing natural light to fill the room.

In a tribute to the nation’s 35th president, a project presented by the JFK Library recently launched on Twitter, twitter.com/kennedy1960,will chronicle Kennedy’s historic campaign to office. Creativity-Online explains tweets will include links to classic photos and advertisements from the campaign as well as memorable quotes. Between the JFK Library and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Kennedy’s legacy has been carried forward for future generations to be able to experience a true symbol of Americana. Be sure to follow the Kennedy campaign as well as Rakks on Twitter for more information.

Pearl River Mart – Alive With The Vibe of Yin & Yang

Traboscia Roiatti Architects found their yin yang balance when the firm designed the eclectic and bustling space for Asian Department store Pearl River Mart located in Soho.

Rakks Shelving at Pearl River Mart, Soho NY

Pearl River carries nearly everything under the sun—from clothes, birdcages, grocery supplies, imported papers, and a wild selection of lamps, to cookware, herbal remedies, live bamboo plants, paper parasols and colorful and voluminous Kung-Fu banners. The creative space features Rakks pole supported shelving and custom gondola display fixtures that showcase everything from glittery slippers to beautiful lacquered sushi sets. The forward thinking design of the selling floor even includes a waterfall. As shoppers peruse the merchandise, the air is filled with the sounds of Chinese Folk music. When the colorful shopping experience has filled their senses, the store’s main level cafe’ is a welcome oasis for light fare and exotic Asian teas.

A Heavenly Outcome With Rakks Brackets

Guy Campbell, the owner of Shelf Shop Guy Inc., is an exclusive distributor of Rakks brackets and shelving hardware systems, who also designs, sells and installs a broad range of shelving, storage and cabinetry throughout New York and the tri-state area.

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