Designing with Rakks

by Rakks | July 28th, 2011

Although Rakks shelving and architectural specialty products are often used for large installations in high-profile locations like the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza or the Virgina State Capitol Building, the versatility, functionality and sleek, modern design of our products make them just as ideal for the everyday consumer. See designs our customers have created for their own homes with the help of Rakks!
Katie - Rakks Shelving System
Katie via Flickr

Eric B. - Rakks Shelving System
From Eric B. via Flickr

Judy B. - Rakks Shelving System
Judy B. via Flickr

Juan S. - Shelving System
Juan S. via Flickr
Rakks Counter Brackets
Rakks Counter Support Brackets, from Flickr

Counter Support Brackets
Counter Brackets in Kitchen, from Flickr






Rakks Shelving System
Kazys V. via Lockerz

Have your own Rakks installation you want to show off? Email photos to or tweet them to us @rakks and we will feature them on Facebook or in an upcoming post!

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